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2014 World Championship Meta: Top 10 Sleepers

Going into the 2014 World Championship, we have a pretty good idea of the champions we expect to see, but what about the surprise? Today, I’ll detail my top 10 sleeper picks for Worlds!

The Shifting Top Three Tops

Top Lane has a regularly shifting meta, which seemingly always has a top 3, defined by some specific qualities. The meta shifts have been pronounced, and tend to follow a set pattern. THe meta is currently defined around 3-4 champions. One top laner starts…

2014 World Championship Meta: Top Lane

Top lane has one of the most regimented metas, with a power 3 almost always being clearly identified, and with those 3 almost always filling similar roles or forming a triangle of counters. Season 3 Worlds: Renekton / Jax / Shen Early Spring Season…

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