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Someone Like Me

It’s 1996. I am standing before a massive Dwarven gate covered in intricate runes. I am weary from my travels and unsure of my purpose. I fear the world in which I journey, for I am oh-so-small and the world is oh-so-large. If I…

Guilty Until Proven Innocent – Life in Black America

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

For most Americans, the recent events in Ferguson are a failure of the — otherwise well-functioning — system. Many black Americans, however, have seen something different in the past week. This is the system. The crisis in Ferguson is merely a microcosm of the…

Gender Representation in League of Legends

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to just pick a topic and riff off of it, but now that I’ve got almost 10 days until the next LCS game, I’ve decided to hit on a few topics I’ve had on the backburner….

Tank or just Tanky?

One problem with theory in a game like League of Legends is the complication of technical terms. And to be fair, this is largely arbitrary. Why does ADC mean (Jinx/Sivir/Lucian), and not Tryndamere? Why is Tryndamere instead a Melee Carry? Are mages spellcasters? Or…

GG vs Trick2G: Reading Junglers

Jungling is a very cerebral position, and I worry that too many junglers play on autopilot. This video is about the importance of reading items and actions to determine somebody’s playstyle and counter it directly.

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