Spring 2014 LCS – Mid Lane


2 Comments on “Spring 2014 LCS – Mid Lane

  1. After watching TSM vs c9 just now I’m convinced that there’s no way Hai isn’t top 3 mid NA. He’s definitely better then Link at the very least.

    He doesn’t get a lot of attention since he’s not as mechanically gifted as Bjergsen and people give Balls and Meteos more credit since their more talented at their roles but here’s the thing, Hai doesn’t make any mistakes and he carries his team by supporting them with well placed wards and roaming. This doesn’t reflect well on his cs score or his kda but he gives more impact in the game then mid laners that just play to win.


    • I’m inclined to agree. I think everybody (myself included) has been underrating him. He really stepped up at IEM Katowice, but I’ve been disinclined to rate him higher because, well, Cloud 9 is one of my favorite teams, so bias. But after today, there’s no doubt that he’s one of the top mids in the league. He’s definitely above Link, and probably in Shiphtur/Bjergsen’s league.


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