Spring 2014 LCS – Jungle


6 Comments on “Spring 2014 LCS – Jungle

  1. Nice graph and good stats. But I disagree with saying that TheOddOne isn’t a great jungler. Yes he doesn’t quite shine like Meteos but that doesn’t tell me Meteos is better. Just tells me that C9 is a team focused on Meteos while TheOddOne has always had a more supportive playstyle which is meshing well with the TSM line up.


    • That might make sense if the numbers were closer, but Meteos’ numbers are inhumanly good. Look at that KDA. The look at the second best KDA. See how Meteos’ is very much higher? Yes, Meteos plays on a team that focuses on him more than any other team focuses on their jungler. He can pull it off in a way no other jungler in NA can. It isn’t like other teams are copying C9. It isn’t a new meta. It’s a strategy that relies on Meteos being the best.


      • Yeah, it’s hard to argue anybody is close to Meteos’ skill in North America. I think maybe an argument could be made for Amazing in EU, but it’s hard to tell these things when the team you’re on is worse.

        But TheOddOne, while on a worse team than Cloud 9, is still on a dominant team. If he were as good as Meteos, TSM would be better than Cloud 9.

        Their ADCs are about even, Xpecial is better than LemonNation, Bjergsen is better than Hai, and Balls is better than Dyrus. Somebody’s pulling the slack to make Cloud 9 better than TSM, and it’s not just Balls.


        • Oddone’s problem is that he plays the jungle to passively and doesn’t actively try to make big game changing moves like Meteos and Dexter does. All he does is farm and then do ganks if he see’s a opportunity. His ganks are good and he has a good sense for where to gank but that’s all that can be said about him. He doesn’t make bad plays but he also doesn’t make game changing plays and he certainly doesn’t control the game like Meteos does. Currently jungle is the most impactful role in the game so a good jungler matters far more then other roles.

          Honestly Oddone doesn’t even have to be as good as Meteos. TSM have top tier players in every role (either the best or second best for their position), that’s how talented their team is. Oddone’s the odd one out (haha I’m clever) by not being a top at his role. If you switch him and Dexter I have no doubt that TSM would be number 1. Which is a shame since I find Oddone to be a good guy and a entertaining streamer.


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