Fantasy with Friends – Summer 2015 Week 1


Week 1 is over and everything’s looking Gustaf. Rekkles and Huni are paying off big time, and my lower level picks aren’t disappointing either. I didn’t start Mithy (oops) and forgot to sub in Team Liquid (also oops). With those two, I’d have pulled in another 39 points, vaulting me into first place of any team. With those changes under my belt, I’m sitting pretty going into Week 2. Pobelter put up a massive 64 points in Week 1. For now, I’m sticking with the tried and trusted Froggen, but another good week from the Notorious POB will earn him a starting spot. I also have Airwaks and YoungBuck on my bench and will apply them liberally. For now, Dominate and Huni are my starters, but if they have a bad matchup, I feel like I have great subs.

Doublelift, Fnatic, and Hauntzer all put up great points for Geeves, but he needs – and made – drastic roster changes, bringing in Dexter, Hylissang, and Vardags. With Unicorns of Love facing off against Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT, he’ll look to rebound next week!


As goes TSM, so goes FUZZYWUZZY. TSM flopped into the ground, and with it went FUZZY’s chances. However, it wasn’t just TSM pulling in mediocre points. Gambit Gaming looked back to their aimless ways, SK Gaming hardly looked like the dominant team we saw last split during the regular season, and Emperor literally didn’t play. Balls should prove a good replacement for Cabochard, but Shiphtur, H2K, and Otter as replacements all seem like desperation moves for FUZZYWUZZY. Until Emperor can hit the field, he’ll struggle to maintain a solid roster.

Aybaran, on the other hand, dominated as Team Liquid played out of their minds. If Team Liquid looks this solid all season and Gravity adapts well to their new jungler, Aybaran is sitting on one terrifying team. However, he’s not sitting on his laurels, subbing PowerofEvil into mid and Loulex into the jungle spot.


Amphialus has to be feeling good after getting a win with the 3rd fewest points. His Origen picks plus YellOwStar all dominated, but the expected star of his team – Forg1ven – looked out of place. He’ll need a rebound from Gambit to be a top 3 team this year. With no roster changes, he’lll be hard pressed to match the upgraded squad of Gentleman Geeves, should Doublelift have another strong performance.

Gentleman Gideon feels in a rough position. Aphromoo and Tabzz put up great points, but Cloud9 managed to lose to Dignitas of alll teams, and I still don’t even know who Steve even is. With so many players from different teams, Gideon needs a lot of different teams to get their shit in order for him to come back this split.


Once again, Melkorthefoul has an unusual roster that somehow does well. Unfortunately, his best position was CLG, and unless CLG plans on going 2-0 every week, those scores won’t continue. He’ll need TSM to bounce back from their rough week 1 to beat out Aybaran, Photosynthesia and me. In other news, even Apollo seems to have forgotten that he was once WizFujiin, and put up monstrous points.

As usual, Photosynthesia is topping the points. Reignover and Febiven and Freeze performed as expected, and Impact and Altec pulled in major points as well. Replacing Gambit Gaming with Origen, can only strengthen the team, and with JWAOW and Soren as subs, I have a hard time seeing this roster outside of the top 3.

Power Rankings

#1 – Photosynthesia: Febiven, Reignover, and Freeze is the most dominant trio anybody has, and the only weaknesses of the squad are JWAOW and Kasing, who have shown great potential already.

#2 – Gentleman Gustaf: My roster has seen huge upgrades since Week 1, and while my power 3 isn’t as strong as Photosynthesia’s, I’m pretty sure my average strength is the best of any team. My main problem is going to come from OG vs FNC weeks. I have subs, but if I sub out the wrong player I will probably lose that week.

#3 – Aybaran: I’m as surprised as the rest of you, but he did it. The only thing keeping the roster from contending for thet #1 spot is H2K’s mediocre play thus far, and with only two games done they could easily take over.

#4 – Amphialus: If Forg1ven and CandyPanda come back strong, this could easily bump up to the #4 spot. Amphialus gets the #4 spot just on matchups; the 1-0 means a loss here still leaves some room.

#5 – Gentleman Geeves: Nothing bad to see her, but only one star pick spells trouble. So many players need to step up here, and there’s only so much time. A win over Amphialus next week is a necessity.

#6 – FUZZYWUZZY: I can’t imagine TSM stsaying down all season with the sheer talent on their roster. I’m hoping they have one more slump week so I can get an easy win, but I expect at least a 4-5 season out of FUZZYWUZZY just on those merits.

#7 – Melkorthefoul: What a scattered roster! With nothing but NA players (and Odamne), there’s a lot of room for crossfire, and I think that will come back to bite his team in the long run.

#8 – Gentleman Gideon: From the waist (Sneaky) down, his roster looks great. Above that, however, it looks more than shaky.


Roster Alerts:

Flaresz is still up for anybody who desperately needs a top laner.

Nien is open. After his dominant performances in Challenger, Nien is worth a pickup for a team missing an ADC. I’m looking at you, FUZZYWUZZY. Trust me, he’s better than Otter. Just…don’t pick him up until next week, k?

Unlimited is not the best support, but he is playing on Copenhagen Wolves, who do nothing but fight fight fight.

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