Fantasy with Friends – Summer 2015 Draft

It’s that time again! My friends are going toe-to-toe in fantasy, and only the best can win!

Draft Power Rankings

#1 – Photosynthesia

PhotosynthesiaOnce again, Photosynthesia secured a pretty strong roster, ending up with a pretty similar strategy to my own: Fnatic, Copenhagen Wolves, Origen, with splashes of Impact and Gambit Gaming. However, I think I should pull the slight edge in a few areas. First, Altec’s “potential” has yet to be realized, and I’m starting to think it never will. Niels is in a similar position, but his first position is his chance to put up or shut up. As well, while I think H2K is a solid team that Kasing has helped to turn around, Mithy was one of the best support in Europe on Lemondogs, while GosuPepper gets to lane with the supremely talented Forg1ven. One of the two should pay off for me. Unfortunately, Freeze should make up more than than that difference, and for that reason I can’t put Photosynthesia anywhere but #1


#2 – Gentleman Gustaf

GustafWhile my power picks (Frogen/Rekkles/Huni) should bring in points, and my sleeper – Niels – may be the most underrated player in the draft, where I’m really hoping to pull in the extra points is with my strong bench. Airwaks, Mithy, and even Pobelter could all be starters on a different roster. However, Team Impulse probably isn’t the strongest choice. I’ll have to shuffle around team picks week-to-week. I think my strong EU focus and Origen “sleepers” should fare well.



#3 – Amphialus

AmphialusAmphialus and I are actually roommates now, so it’s no surprise that he went with a thematically similar strategy to my own. The main difference between our rosters is CandyPanda, and his H2k bench. H2k performed quite well last split, so he should get good value from them. Dyrus, on the other hand, will probably just get camped – TSM being TSM and all.




#4 – Aybaran

AybaranI hate to put Aybaran this high up after teasing his picks over the last 2 splits, but this looks like quite the scary team. However, a lot will be riding on the two Gravity picks, and if Move isn’t an improvement over Saintvicious, those two mediocre fantasy slots will come back to bite him. DiamondProX also makes a great backup jungler in this situation, and while Quas is unlikely to be useless, sOAZ is never a bad thing to have on your team. Personally, I’d start PowerofEvil over Keane, but we’ll see how it plays out. Mostly, if Piglet continues to play like he did in the playoffs, if H2K remains relevant in an improved Europe, if TSM continues their NA dominance, and if Gravity can get off the ground, this should be a beastly rosters, but there are a lot of ifs.



#5 -Melkorthefoul


Melkorthefoul has a very stable roster. Every player at every position is good, but there aren’t any really great ones. Worse, the subs are from Team8, and there’s no real reason to expect standout play from them, especially with their impending roster swap. A lot is riding on Team Impulse having a breakout season, and Meteos putting up better fantasy points than he ever has before. At least the CLG team pick is for the season, and not the playoffs…





FUZZYWUZZYThere’s just something about TSM that draws FUZZYWUZZY in. He didn’t get Dyrus this year, but with 3 TSM members, he’s probably going to get good points as TSM does well. SK should remain good at objectives, and Gambit Gaming likes to fight. However, first-year imports rarely do well, so I’m skeptical about the Emperor pick, and Otter doesn’t make a much more inspiring backup pick. Once again, FUZZYWUZZY will live or die with TSM. Luckily for him, they’re pretty good.



#7 – Gentleman Geeves


Doublelift has been a declining talent for years, and Incarnation is an untested solo queue talent. With those two power picks, I have to feel worried about the team already. While the Fnatic pick should bring in good points, Slooshi and Hauntzer both seem like mediocre picks, and Geeves has no strong subs for them unless Vardags digs deep for hidden talent. I’d like to see Rush starting, and probably Vardags, too, but I don’t see a ton of points coming out of this squad.



#8 – Gentleman Gideon


I have to play the statistical game; Gideon has come in last both splits. While he has two strong supports, I can’t see that making up for a mediocre mid laner with no sub (especially since he won’t start Xpecial and Aphromoo. Maybe trading one of those away for a mid laner would be advisable. After that, I just have one question: why is Steve starting over ZionSpartan? Actually, one more question. Who is Steve?









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