Burnout and the Future

The 2014 World Championship was an amazing event. For months leading up to and during the event, I ate, breathed, and lived League of Legends. And then Worlds ended, and I found myself in a completely new situation (for me at least): burned out. I’m an obsessive person, and it’s safe to say doing the same thing again and again doesn’t bother me. I recently fired up Warriors for the first time in a month, only to find out that I’d reached my 1000th listen at some point during Worlds.

Worlds, however, was simply exhausting for me. During the night, I was managing the stream and operational side of lolesports. During the day, I was contributing to analysis projects and writing articles. During the evening, I was playing in Diamond/Challenger 5s and tournaments. During the…wait, there are no other times. I was literally involved with League of Legends 16-20 hours a day. My sleeping schedule suffered, reduced to odd naps and occasional involuntary crashes. My diet consisted of highly caffeinated tea, chocolate, oranges, and beef jerky. Halfway through the World Championship, I considered giving LoL up forever.

So severe was my burnout that, while I had wanted this article to be with burnout and dealing with it, I honestly just stressed myself out trying. When Worlds ended, I hopped on a Greyhound across the country to Portland to visit college friends.

Since then, my stress has decreased, and I am returning to writing. However, I had to set some limits for myself. Initially, when Riot hired me as their Live Web Content Coordinator, I went hard in the opposite direction that I should have, trying to continue content here while writing for lolesports.com. This was a fundamental failure on my part to understand Riot’s intent. I will not be going in-depth into this, but essentially, I was trying to prove myself to a company that already believed in my talents.

Trying to write consistently for both sites on the same topics was a fundamentally flawed practice, which left me out of ideas, forcing words onto paper, and generally exhausting my interest in League of Legends. In the future, I will be splitting my efforts.

Whenever I develop an esports writing topic, I ask myself “is this truly a great article?” In the past, a yes has meant that I put hours and hours into perfecting the article for lolesports. A no, on the other hand, has meant that I put more hours into making the article viable to publish here. This is a fundamental mistake. In the future, I will be putting my reject ideas onto a backburner.

Instead, the question I will be asking is “can this article reflect Riot Games”. In this way, my posts here will be more opinion-oriented editorials, while my posts on lolesports will continue to be the analytical posts you are used to from me.

As well, I am starting as the Web Content Coordinator for a new Fantasy LCS website. Details will be unveiled soon, but a number of articles on fantasy will be going up there. It should be noted that I am not going to be a primary for this website. While I shall be doing featured articles, the bulk of my work shall be as an editor and manager for other writers. By gaining experience in a more management oriented role, I hope to be able to bring more value and experience to my work at Riot.

As you may have guessed, this doesn’t leave much room for writing here. While I am no stranger to op-ed style pieces, I have no intent to attempt to challenge such legends as Richard Lewis, Thoorin, or Monte. As a result, while I will still be writing here about League of Legends, I will be interspersing my writing with more of the sociopolitical writing on race and gender that has peppered my work in the past, and eventually beginning to publish fiction.

For some of you, this will be the end of your interest in me. To those people, stay tuned here for direct links to my Fantasy LCS and lolesports work, as well as my editorial writing and thoughts on game balance and design. However, I hope to broaden my horizons as a writer.

CopMost notably, our culture has been violently torn apart by two prominent issues over the past few months: Ferguson and GamerGate. My own recent presence at a rally and close encounters with the police have taught me that my words can be used for so much more. As such, I will be devoting some of my time to social issues facing people of our age.

As well, I am toying with the idea of a general life advice column, ranging from how to cook to tips on dressing like a gentleman. It will be a rocky start as I acclimate, but I hope to broaden my pedigree as a writer in the long run.




One Comment on “Burnout and the Future

  1. Great essay, and good for you recognizing there are limits. You should totally focus your energy on the paying job with the high profile publication space. I’d love to read more sociopolitics here if you have the energy. You’re going to have to pay off the trolling, mentioning that topic in the same paragraph as Thoorin.


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