Worlds-Level Tactics: The MadLife

It’s hard to tune into a League of Legends game without hearing a lot of jargon thrown around: “rotation”, “objective”, “zoning”. In this series, I’ll try to clear up some of the jargon one term at a time, by explaining just what it is and showing how teams execute it in-game. Without further ado, let’s get to it. The topic of the hour is one of the most mind-boggling feats of prediction in League of Legends, not to mention one of the coolest to watch: The MadLife.

ThreshThe MadLife, like the inSec, is a bit loosely defined. Often, a “MadLife” play is simply any technically competent Thresh play, especially a seemingly impossible Death Sentence.

Let’s start with the basic MadLife: The flash death sentence combo. at the 2013 LoL Champions Summer playoffs, MiG Apple’s Kennen had just made his escape from CJ Frost. Or had he. MadLife flashes the Blue Buff wall, tossing out a completely blind hook, and somehow connecting for the eventual kill.

Just in case crowds hadn’t been wowed by his mechanics, MadLife pulled out the play that he would ultimately become famous for: predicting an enemy flash, dash, or jump, and aiming his Death Sentence ahead of them.

He runs in on Ezreal, and instead of aiming his hook at Ezreal, aims it well behind it. Ezreal uses Arcane Shift to escape, dashing right into MadLife’s ready hook, leading the casters to ask “How does he hit every one? How is that possible?”

Not impressed, you say? Watch BunnyFufuu pull off the double Madlife, first predicting Tristana’s Rocket Jump and interrupting it with his flay, then predicting the follow-up flash and catching her with his hook. Then watch again in slow-motion in case you didn’t catch it the first time.

You need more? Alright. In this clip, even MadLife’s lane buddy doesn’t expect the Death Sentence to land, and has already turned onto Zyra for a moment. And with good reason. Lucian did not flash directly away, he actually flashed back towards the center of the lane, a completely unexpected direction. How did MadLife know? Maybe he is god… Or maybe he reads the rotation of Lucian’s character model to see where his player’s mouse likely is.

Unfortunately, MadLife himself won’t be at Worlds. But lest you think MadLife plays will be absent at the 2014 World Championship, BunnyFufuu (featured above) is but a NA Challenger Series player. Most professional supports put up strong showings on Thresh, racking up highlight reel play after play. In particular, Samsung White’s Mata has been compared heavily to MadLife, with many saying “If MadLife is God, then Mata is Buddha”. He and Najin White Shield’s Gorilla both have a godlike command of Thresh, and should make enough Thresh plays to put our jaws on the floor.

But just in case you need some MadLife Thresh plays to tide you over, here’s several of many videos of highlight-reel plays by the Thresh god.

Everybody’s seen a fantastic Thresh play: what’s your favorite MadLife moment?

3 Comments on “Worlds-Level Tactics: The MadLife

  1. For the Lucian flash predict, Lucian flashed towards the centre of the lane because what often happens when someone tries to flash away from a hook is that they flash straight and the hook ends up hitting anyways. So to avoid that people tend to flash out of the way of the oath they are moving towards. That’s not a high elo skill thing, it’s just a natural thing for many players. And if you look closely you’ll notice that because of where Madlife was standing, he could position his hook in such a way that it would hook Lucian if he flashed straight, OR towards the centre of the lane. Sorry for unprofessional grammar. Sources:- My 19 flash predicts, ie:- “Madlifes”


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