Worlds-Level Tactics: The InSec

It’s hard to tune into a League of Legends game without hearing a lot of jargon thrown around: “rotation”, “objective”, “zoning”. In this series, I’ll try to clear up some of the jargon one term at a time, by explaining just what it is and showing how teams execute it in-game. Without further ado, let’s get to it. The topic of the hour is one of the most mechanically complicated plays in League of Legends, not to mention one of the coolest to watch: The Insec.

LeeSinThe inSec is not a particularly well defined play. InSec is a Korean League of Legends player known for his extremely flashy and mechanically perfect Lee Sin play. However, ultimately, to “inSec” somebody is to use some combination of Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave, Safeguard, and even Flash to get behind a priority target, then use Dragon’s Rage to kick them back in your team for the killing. Thanks to the versatility of Lee Sin’s kit, it can be executed in a number of different ways.

Let’s take a trip back in time. It’s the OGN Champions Spring 2013 Quarterfinals, and KT Rolster Bullets are down almost 3k gold in a do-or-die game. MVP is sieging their turret with a Varus Jayce poke comp, and KTB simply lacks the hard initiation they need to shut them down. Or do they? Lee Sin tosses out a sonic wave, which hits Kennen. Not exactly the target he wants. However, with no hesitation, he follows the Sonic wave up, using Resonating Strike to kick to Kennen. He then immediately tosses a ward down to the left of Kennen, using Safeguard to dash to it, and then uses Dragon’s Rage to knock the unsuspecting Varus back into his team. Sona follows up with her Crescendo, and KT Bullets kicks up the 4-0 trade, following it up with 2 towers, and swinging the gold into their advantage.

But that’s not the only way to inSec. In the following clip, note how Lee Sin initiates the dive, disengages after the Kog’Maw kill, waits out the Fiddles ult, Safeguards towards him and flashes behind him, Dragon Kicks him into his team, then uses Sonic Wave to kick back to him to finish him off? That’s an insec, performed by God himself, insec. But even better, since Lee Sin is manaless, he gets to continue making plays. He lands a Sonic Wave on Thresh, who gets out of range of the followup kick. Not to be outdown, he drops a ward, uses Safeguard to dash to it (and in range of his kick, then follows up the sonic wave to kill Thresh before Rengar can bring him down.

Recently, in this game between EDward Gaming and StarHorn Royal Club, insec showed off his true mastermind decision-making , dashing out of the baron pit, landing Sonic Wave on Braum, and then holding Resonating Strike for the right moment. Once Braum gets behind Twitch, inSec completes the Resonating Strike, immediately using Dragon’s Rage to kick the enemy Twitch back into his team.

While perhaps not technically an inSec, inSec shows that you don’t have to use your mechanical prowess to make plays, and sometimes just have to make the right decision. In this fight, he fails to land a good Sonic Wave, and simplywalks behind EDward Gaming, kicking Koro1 into his team and forcing the fight.

Who are we likely to see the inSec out of? Frankly, most teams at Worlds. Even with the recent nerfs, Lee Sin is a comfort pick for most junglers. Obviously, inSec is the likeliest player to wow us with those plays, but look to see flashy plays in every game involving a Lee Sin.

Everybody’s seen a fantastic Lee Sin play: what’s your favorite inSec moment?

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