2014 World Championship Meta: AD Carry

What is an AD Carry’s job? To provide a large amount of continuous damage from a safe distance. Ever since the 4.10 item changes, the dominant ADC itemization path has shifted from Bloodthirster to Infinity Edge. This allowed late-game scaling hypercarries to really slide into the meta.

The Current Meta


TristanaTristana Rocket Jumped straight into the competitive scene with the itemization changes. She has late-game damage to rival even the strongest AD Carries, thanks to ridiculous attack speed with Rapid Fire engaged. On top of that, she has one of the longest level 18 auto-attack ranges, and a jump that resets on a kill or assist, making her almost impossible to dive onto. Even if you do manage to do so, Buster Shot can just knock you back. This combination makes for safe, consistent damage that can be rivaled by few champions. WildTurtle uses Tristana to her maximum potential in the final teamfight of the NA LCS Summer Finals.

First, notice his positioning: he sets up as far away from the enemy team as possible. From there, he rotates slightly when Cloud9 dives in to keep putting damage out. When Lulu goes down to Yasuo, and Yasuo and Corki turn their focus onto the carries, he uses Buster Shot to knock Corki away and get free damage onto Yasuo. Then, when Corki comes back in, he turns on him, killing him in 3 shots and winning the game.

Tristana is one of the most dynamic AD Carries in the game, and 2 paragraphs cannot possible sum up the number of interesting ways she can use her kit. For more information on Tristana, check out my analysis of her professional play, or read about building a team around her.


KogKog’Maw has similarly high damage to Tristana, but no ability to escape once his enemies are on them. However, his mid-game damage is better, and he has the ability to poke with Living Artillery, getting the enemy team low before the fight even starts. This makes him excellent at sieging towers or forcing opposing teams off of dragon. However, he requires excellent positioning, due to not having a dash of any sorts. One of the best Western Kog players is Sneaky: watch him dance at the back of both fights before engaging to guarantee that he gets damage down.

For more on Kog’Maw, read about his professional play!


TwitchTwitch has similar damage to Tristana and Kog’maw; however, when Spray and Pray is active, all of his damage is AoE, allowing him to punish the whole opposing team at once. However, he has no dash, low range when Spray and Pray is on cooldown, and a contingent escape. His most unique tool is his stealth, which can allow him to sneak up to an out of position target and initiate on them.

For more on Twitch, read about his professional play!


CorkiAnother World Championship, another power spike for Corki. With all of the hypercarries coming into play, who better to stop them than a dominant laner with an incredibly strong mid-game? Corki has great poke and high burst in the mid-game, exactly the time when you’d want to siege up and pressure that Tristana/Twitch composition. Several months ago, I called him overshadowed by Lucian and Twitch, and unlikely to see significant play without nerfs. Fast forward through a Twitch nerf and a Lucian rework and Corki is primed to compete at Worlds once again.


LucianLucian has a giant mid-game spike when he has finished two items, especially if he builds Youmuu’s Ghostblade or Blade of the Ruined King, both of which give him the dueling power to beat almost any AD Carry 1v1. While hyper carries may want to off in their lane farming up, Lucian makes that dangerous by finding them and killing them.


The strength of Vayne has always depended more on the strength of Vayne players, and neither Piglet nor Doublelift find themselves at the World Championship this year. This means that the likeliest candidate for a Vayne pick is StarHorn Royal Club’s Uzi. Vayne has ridiculous single-target dps for a hypercarry, and is able to kill isolated AD Carries about as well as Lucian. Moreover, thanks to her low cooldown Tumble and a knockback/stun, she has a lot of outplay potential. She’s unlikely to be a consistent pick through Worlds thanks to her weak laning phase, but expect her to see a pick or two.


What do you think? Do you agree with my list? What AD Carries do you think will see play at the 2014 World Championship? Weigh in in the comments, and stay tuned for the current support meta next!

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