World Power Rankings

Here are my Power Rankings for Worlds-Bound Teams! They differ slightly from my standard Power Rankings in that matchups matter so much more, and Worlds will be limited to one patch.


  1. Samsung Blue
  2. Samsung White
  3. Edward Gaming
  4. Alliance
  5. Najin White Shield
  6. Royal Club
  7. Cloud9
  8. TSM
  9. OMG
  10. Fnatic
  11. TPA
  12. SK Gaming
  13. LMQ
  14. Dark Passage
  15. AHQ
  16. Kabum!

One Comment on “World Power Rankings

  1. You have a reasonable listing. There’s a lot of unpredictability at play, especially with roster changes and very recent legislation, so I’m certain a majority of all power rankings will be upset before group stages conclude.

    My rankings:

    16). Kabum!
    15). DP
    14). AHQ
    13). SK
    12). LMQ
    11). TPA
    10). FNatic
    09). Najin White Shield
    08). TSM
    07). SH Royal Club
    06). Cloud 9
    05). Alliance
    04). OMG
    03). EDG
    02). Samsung Blue
    01). Samsung White

    Going over the differences, I think that the recent ruling will deeply impact SK and drop them considerably. I don’t really like the TSM organization *as a whole*, but I just didn’t see anything special coming from SK prior to the recent ruling. I have SHRC and TSM coming out of group B which would automatically put those two in the top 8.

    I think people really underestimate the potential of the AHQ midlaner so I think they get a spot above DP – really the two wildcard teams have little chance to get even one spot above last in their respective groups.

    Probably one of the most notable differences you’ll see here is that I have NWS sub 8 – I think that C9 and Alliance will knock them out. If I remember correctly, they’ve been the most inconsistent team in the Korean OGN – Masters scene, although their fight against SKT T1 was…impervious.

    Of the major western teams, I feel like the boot camp in Korea will most help Froggen’s Alliance and Hai’s C9; that is, I think they’ll be able to assimilate knowledge better and faster than the other teams and I think the solo queue results are proving it.

    Play out C9 versus Alliance as you know them right now. Pretty even, right? The midlanders are about the same, Balls is a very talented top – perhaps one of the best in the current NA LCS, but Wickd has so much more experience. Regardless, I’d say that top will go to whichever jungler gives the player the edge in lane. The junglers are pretty much even – Meteos may be more novel, but not by much.

    On the contrary, the C9 bot lane is probably a bit stronger than Alliance’s – I think it’s a regional meta issue where the NA bot lanes are probably on average stronger, although we have some really poor ones to be sure. Ultimately I think this comes down to the mid lane match up and I give Froggen an edge due to experience and his uncanny ability to pull back up from a loss.

    I’m probably most incorrect regarding NWS, if anything – it just depends on which ‘team’ shows up.


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