2014 World Championship Preview

With the World Championship just around the corner, it’s never been easier to get into watching professional League of Legends, but potentially never harder to understand it. What is champion select and why is it so important? What are the strong champions and why? What is a meta, and what defines the current meta? Who are the current strong teams and why?  Over the next week, I’ll be compiling the answers to these questions and more. For a list of intended topics, check below! As well, once the Group Stages start, I’ll be highlighting one or two games per day, and discussing how that game was won or lost at champion select.

2014 World Championship Group Stage Predictions

The Meta

What is a meta?

What is the current champion meta…

For top lane?

The Shifting Top 3 Tops

For jungle?

For mid lane?

For AD carries?

For supports?

Top 10 Sleepers


Building a Team Comp

The InSec

The MadLife

Worlds-Level Tactics: The Gank

Worlds-Level Tactics: The Tower Dive

Worlds-Level Tactics: The Split-Push

Worlds-Level Tactics: The Rotation

The Groups

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Games to Watch

Sep 17 – Sep 20 (Groups A and B)

The Power of Champion Select: SHRC vs TSM

The Power of Champion Select: TSM vs TPA

The Power of Champion Select: TPA vs TSM

Sep 24 – Sep 27 (Groups C and D)

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