EU LCS Playoff Predictions

My Power Rankings are up here. However, Power Rankings are based on recent results. My playoffs predictions are slightly different, largely because some teams have better playoffs performance. Read below for predictions

Quarterfinals – #3 SHC vs #6 ROC

ROCCAT has better Bo5 experience, having taken out Alliance last year. I like them for this win here, and possible for the #3 spot to worlds! I actually see ROCCAT as a sort of Summer 2013 Cloud9-lite. They have great early tower pushing/dragons, low deaths, and a great objective-focused style that closes out games well.

SHC has great individual talent, spectacular snowballing, and decent teamfights, but teamplay wins out over individual skill in the modern LoL environment.

Quarterfinals – #4 SK vs #5 MIL

SK Gaming has better team organization and objective control, and better playoffs experience. Millenium snowballs well, but they don’t actually rotate or close out games well, and SK Gaming excels at hanging in games.

Semifinals – #1 ALL vs #4 SK

It’s hard to root against Alliance right now. SK Gaming is a good team, to be fair, but they simply lack a certain…explosiveness that Alliance has. Their team is good, but their players don’t match up 1-1 against Alliance. It’s a simple “greats vs the best” situation.

Semifinals – #2 FNC vs #6 ROC

Remember how I said teamplay wins out over individual skill? Being the best at both pretty much guarantees a win. Fnatic has mastered a weird late-game pick strategy that makes them almost impossible to predict or counter in playoffs settings. You will make a mistake eventually, and they will be there to capitalize.

Finals – #1 ALL vs #2 FNC

You’re asking for me to bet against Fnatic in the EU LCS playoffs? Fat chance.

Third Place Match – #6 ROC vs #4 SK


Fifth Place Match – #3 SHC vs #5 MIL

They both play similarly, but SHC is more consistent when behind, and more explosive when ahead.


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