The Road to First Place

Today, I’ll be doing an analysis on the season thus far, as well as the scenarios I need to take first place in both of my leagues.

Let’s start with good old lolesports’ drafts. I’m currently 1 win ahead of the Code Monkeys, but they have the 1-0 tiebreaker against me. What does that mean? If I win this week, I win overall. But if I lose, I need him to lose, or he’ll win with the tiebreaker. And that’s complicated.


For me to win, I need Cloud9 to do well, and Alliance/Fnatic to be less dominant than they have been recently. I’m also riding on Millenium continuing their performance (something I feel safe gambling on). Finally, Shiphtur has been slumping recently, and Quas has been making the difference up. If both of them perform well, I should do well.


Basically, I need Alliance and Fnatic to do poorly while Cloud9 does well. Dignitas doing well would be a nice plus.

To be fair, even if I lose, a tie for first place where I lose the tiebreaker isn’t the worst of possible results.

With my friends, on the other hand, it’s a bit more grim. 3 teams are tied for first place, me, Melkorthefoul, and Photosynthesia. While I’m faced off against Melkorthefoul in the last week, Photosynthesia is up against Gentleman Gideon. If she wins there, she is guaranteed at least a tie for first place. However, she loses to Melkor in tiebreakers, and ties with me.


My week is – I hate to admit – not looking good.  Worse, it conflicts almost directly with what I need to win in lolesports, as I need Alliance to do well. However, we saw CLG implode last week, so if they d o so again this week, I should be able to pick up the win.


SHC and Cloud9 could actually put up enough points to get the win for Gentleman Gideon, but he’ll need Cloud9 and LMQ to perform as well.

Basically, this last week is a coin toss, and it’s unlikely I win both tosses.


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