Fantasy LoL: Super Week!

Well, I dropped my  game in the LoLEsports Freelance week. Luckily, so did the 2-way second-place tie, so I keep first place! But here, I’m trending up, baby!



This matchup was pretty good for me, with Kev1n outclassing Darien. ROCCAT (one of my favorite teams) finally recovered from their slump, and Alliance ended the week with an abysmal 2 losses. Luckily, Selfie and Fnatic took off this week, carrying me with nearly 200 points between them.


Both of these teams were tied for first place, and they came in 6th and 7th place in points this week. With almost any other matchup, we’d have seen 2-way tie for 1st place between me and Melkor, but FUZZYWUZZY gets to live to see another week in first place.
Curse almost carried Amphialus with a surprisingly good showing during their super week, but Vasilii ran wild for FUZZYWUZZY, and TSM took Curse down in their head-to-head game. If Amphialus had only started Dexter over IWillDominate, he would have won the matchup. Funny tidbit; had he started ZionSpartan over Fredy122, he would still have lost. By .01 points.


Thanks to a dominant showing by SHC and LMQ, and a relative recovery by Cloud9, Gideon came in 3rd place for points, taking down one of the 5-way first place tie! His team looks scary if Cloud9 and SHC continue to perform, but it may be too late to make up 3 games in 3 weeks. He plays Melkor in Week 9, and that is a must-win matchup for him. Hopefully he’ll play spoiler to my #1 rival!

With Curse trending at the moment, Photosynthesia’s team actually looks stronger going into the end of the season.


Nothing to see here, folks. Melkor’s team is scary, and while Mavryck did better than in previous weeks, it only managed the 5th most points of any team thanks to a disappointing showing by Crumbzz and Kiwikid. It remains Shiphtur and teamwork that carries them through their games.

All I have to say about Melkor’s team is that I don’t want to face off against it. Ever. The only weak link on the team is Creaton, and if he has a bad week, so will my top and jungler :/



The field has narrowed, and there is now only a 3-way tie for first place!

  1. FUZZYWUZZY – He retains tiebreakers over both me and Melkor. He plays against me in Week 9, and I have to win that to stay in this.
  2. Melkorthefoul – Stronger team but no tiebreakers. Again, he has to win against both of us in our head-to-head matchups to have a chance.
  3. Gentleman Gustaf – My European picks are carrying me, but that’s a small consolation vs the dream teams I’m tied with.
  4. Photosynthesia/Amphialus – they both face hard matchups this week, so whoever wins this week should take a huge advantage. However, next week, they face each other. If Photosynthesia wins that matchup, she holds the 2-0 tiebreaker, so it’s do or die for Amphialus.
  5. Aybaran – FINALLY DARIEN IS GONE. It is too late for a first place push, but top 5 isn’t entirely out of the question.
  6. Gideon – Has anybody seen MrRallez this split? Holy shit. Gideon has a lot to make up, though, so it’s hard to imagine a top 4 finish.
  7. Mavryck – Overpow is cutting it, but Crumbzz and Kiwikid are both giant disappointments at the moment. Add that to a 4-game gap to the top teams and it’s hard to imagine a recovery.

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