Fantasy LoL: Week 6

Week 6 was a great week for me! I pulled in a strong victory and sole control over first place in my LoLEsports draft, and you can read all about it here. But here, I’m moving into a 5-way tie for first place!


Shiphtur has been slacking, but Selfie picked up the slack and gave me the win over Mavryck. But I lost in points to Photoosynthesia, Melkorthefoul, and FUZZYWUZZY. Doesn’t look good for me. I’ll need a strong showing from Alliance and Millenium for next week’s Super Week. Fnatic always shines during Super Weeks, so I should get good points from their team pick at least. Next week I play against Aybaran, and he’s *still* starting Darien, so if I lose, please just put me out of my misery.

Mavryck finally scored above 7th place,  thanks to Rekkles and Altec having fantastic showings this week. However, his team is reliant on the two most inconsistent members of Dignitas and Altec, and held back by the low scoring of Overpow. His next week vs Melkorthefoul is a win he needs to start to turn this season around.


Fnatic is back, baby, and with it, Photosynthesia’s team looks stronger than ever. The only weak point is Cop, and he has shown the ability to put up consistent numbers. She can’t afford to lose next week vs Gentleman  Gideon, so she’ll be relying on strong performances from Fnatic.

I’m a bit confused why Amphialus dropped Dexter and Woolite for IWillDominate and Voyboy, but he must have had inside information, as  Curse put up a great performance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to carry Fredy122 and CLG’s weak performances. He left them both starting into the Super Week, and that could come back to bite him against FUZZYWUZZY in what might be the most important match of the week.


Losing while 3rd in points has to hurt, but Melkor’s team still looks solid. Honestly, the weak pick on his team at this point is Cloud9, and the fact that I’m saying that comes as a huge surprise.



Darien did outscore Balls, but when you have two players (Darien and Jankos) who are potential flops on any given week, it’s hard to pull out a win. Aybaran did manage just that, but only by a quarter of a point. Have I mentioned that he should replace Darien recently? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YoungBuck IS OPEN. YOUNGBUCK.

Just kidding. I just picked up YoungBuck. Now you’re stuck with Seraph. You snooze, you lose…

It’s interesting that the teams which secured Cloud9 picks seem to be suffering the hardest, but I can’t say I’m particularly surprised. Hyped picks are often the worst for fantasy sports, which is why I tried to draft 100% sleepers (although even I couldn’t resist the siren’s call of first-picking Meteos).


It’s hard to do Power Rankings when you have a 5-way tie, but I think there are some clear winners for a few small reasons.

Future Strength

Some teams had rocky starts but look poised to take a number of victories now that they’ve settled.


Fuzzywuzzy has now scored the most points in 3 out of the 7 weeks, and whose main team, TSM, appears to have recovered their mojo.


Melkor had some roster issues to start, but has since done quite well. Moreover, two of his losses have been while #3 in points.


Fnatic has recovered well in Super Weeks traditionally, and always closes seasons out well. Look to see huge upticks in their points.


Tiebreakers give us almost nothing.

Each of the 5 tied teams has beaten 2 of the other 5 tied teams, with exception of Amphialus, who faces Fuzzywuzzy in Week 7.

Matches vs Bottom 3

Much like the NA LCS, our league has a Top 5 and a Bottom 3. Bottom 3 teams only have one victory vs Top 5 teams, and that one victory was Aybaran over FUZZYWUZZY.

Power Rankings

  1. FUZZYWUZZY – Future performance and tiebreakers make this choice a no-brainer. Unless TSM slips and falls again, his team is likely to continue to rack up against victories, and a win against Amphialus (who averages 32 points/week less than him) in Week 7 would push him into the #1 spot based on tiebreakers. His loss vs Aybaran, while troubling, actually may have benefited him, as his one bad week didn’t particularly help any of his major opponents.
  2. Melkorthefoul – To be perfectly honest, Melkor should be the #1 spot, but he loses tiebreakers to both Gustaf and FUZZYWUZZY.
  3. Gentleman Gustaf – I may have the tiebreaker on Melkor, but FUZZYWUZZY has the tiebreaker on me, and Shiphtur has been struggling as of late. With Fnatic recovering and Alliance remaining dominant, I should remain top 3 as long as Millenium doesn’t shit the bed, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to beat out Melkor.
  4. Photosynthesia and Amphialus are both in similar positions.  They’re both on the upswing, and they’ve both lost to Melkor. But I have to give the 4th spot to Photosynthesia just on the grounds of tiebreakers.
  5. Amphialus falls to Photosynthesia not just because of the tiebreaker, but because while every other top-5 team is 2-2 against other top-5 teams, he is 1-2, with a hard Super Week matchup vs FUZZYWUZZY.
  6. Aybaran takes 6th place only through the momentum of already being up 1 game on Mavryck and Gideon. If we’re just going by roster strength, #8 for sure.
  7. All it would take for Gideon to make the jump to the #6 spot would be a Cloud9 recovery. Yes, that would benefit Aybaran as well, but not nearly as much, given the weak point of Darien.
  8. Sorry Mavryck 😦 Overpow just isn’t cutting it…


If only Super Weeks counted double (as I feel they should), FUZZYWUZZY and I would be top 2 for sure.



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