Fantasy LoL: Week 5

Somehow, I missed having a Week 5 post at all, so here’s Week 5; Week 6 should be out tomorrow with the lolesports recap.

First off, I fell to a first place tie in the freelance league after a painful loss. Read more about it here!

However, Week 5 was good to me


In the faceoff between two Gentleman, I managed to pull ahead thanks largely to a stellar recovery from Tabzz and Nyph. Shiphtur continues to sink, and I’m worried that I may have fallen for a Dignitas hype train for the first time.¬† I still think Dignitas has potential with Shiphtur, but they are starting to face harder and harder competition, with TSM and Cloud9 slowly recovering. 3-2 isn’t where I wanted to find myself, but I’ll take it for now.

Unluckily for Gideon, Cloud9’s recovery is coming all-too-slowly, as Balls and Hai are on very slow track to become top-tier solo laners again. As well, Xpecial seems to be floundering apart from TSM, and even the LMQ hype train has lost a few wheels. I had initially labeled his team one of the scariest, but that may be true too late in the season for it to matter, as he falls to 1-4.


Mavryck has replaced all of his Gambit players, and with ROCCAT’s recovery, Overpow is actually a solid mid. However, Dignitas and Kiwikid are struggling even harder than Shiphtur, leaving him in a bind vs the steadily growing team of TSM.

There’s little to say about FUZZYWUZZY’s team. Is TSM on point? Then beware. If not, what does he have?


Darien didn’t play this week, but it couldn’t possibly have mattered as CLG players are gold right now, and TSM’s recovery has Wildturtle putting up monster points. It’s hard to see aybaran competing against any teams until he finds a new top laner – any top laner.

The triple CLG draft has paid off for Amphialus, who is currently in a 2-way tie for 4-1 with Melkorthefoul.



Much to my chagrin, the almost randomly chosen team of Melkorthefoul charged to victory and the #1 score this week, as even his lower tier players, Mimer and Shook, coasted to a cool 100 points, while the Rush Hour bot lane is always good for easy money. At 4-1, his is the other team to beat at the moment. It appears that drafting CLG is a good choice.

Photosynthesia’s roster has a lot going for it, and on another week, with SHC and Shook playing less dominantly, she could probably have swung the victory. But as it is, she sits in a tie for second place at 3-2


Power Rankings

  1. Melkorthefoul РI think his team probably has lower average points than Amphialus, but his volatile players are high-ranked European teams, and for once, that makes them more stable, not less. This shows in his stats, as he has never scored in the bottom half of teams.
  2. Amphialus – I trust in CLG players at this point. I called them the #2 team throughout the end of the Spring Split, and with Cloud9 underperforming, I consider them the #1 team at the moment.
  3. FUZZYWUZZY has the highest average points of any player at 290.94. However, take out TSM’s stellar week 1 and he falls to 5th place at 210.29. How do you judge a team like that? I have to weight that first week as TSM recovers towards their potential. He has been the #1 scorer in two weeks, something no other team can say. I call this one trending upwards, thanks to TSM.
  4. Gentleman Gustaf – I put myself in 3rd over Photosynthesia one simple reason: Europe. Most of my players are European players, and have proven significantly higher-scoring and less volatile. However, Shiphtur is a bit swingy, leading me to one #1, two #2s, one #6, and one #7.
  5. Photosynthesia – Looking just at the last 3 weeks of data, Photosynthesia’s team is the best behind only Melkorthefoul’s, with placements at #2, #3, and #4. However, every week counts.
  6. Gentleman Gideon – WHat can I say, I still trust in Cloud9 to recover. If they don’t, however, the prognosis is grim, as he has come in 6th twice and 8th once in the last three weeks.
  7. Mavryck – Mavryck has placed 7th in every week thus far, with the exception of Week 1, where he started in 8th, and Week 3, where he took 1st. With consistency like that, it just feels like 7th place is made for his team.
  8. Aybaran – Two 8th place showings in the last 3 weeks and no top 4 finishes is not an inspiring sight.

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