Fantasy LoL: Week 4

What a bittersweet Fantasy week for me. I’m in 3 leagues I care about, and I’m 4-0 in two of them. But Gustaf’s Gentlemen really suffered this week, and FuzzyWuzzy is setting himself up as the destroyer of Gentlemen…

First, I want to give a little blurb for my LoLEsports team:


Last week, Glyceroll had this to say “and I will probably wipe the floor with [Gentleman Gustaf]”. To be fair, I agreed. But the night before EU LCS, I turned my eyes upwards, to the gods of fantasy LoL. “I fear I shall lose this week, and there’s nothing I can do”. They responded “kk”, which I took to mean that I should accept my fate. But the gods work in mysterious ways, and it was the week of “kk” indeed. KottenX and Kerp put up 114 points between them. Then WildTurtle beat out even Doublelift, pulling in a whopping 69 points, for a total of 183. This let Dignitas and Shiphtur finally take a break as I coasted to victory. Fun fact: without Dignitas and Shiphtur, I’d have won by .11 points. By all accounts, Glyceroll should have won this week, but I’ll take the lucky turn… Dignitas and Shiphtur, I know you’re reading this, so I hope you’re ready to take off again next week


Now onto my league with friends!

Week-4-Matchup-1 This could have gone better. My dominant bot lane duo for Alliance took the week off to learn origami, losing to Gambit Gaming and only failing to lose to Fnatic after Fnatic couldn’t tell that 5 is bigger than 1. It might not have been so bad, thanks to heavy stats from Kev1n, but TSM’s Dyrus, Amazing, and Bjergsen took this week to remind everybody how talented they are, and score a whopping 161.12 points between the three of them. What can you do?

Week-4-Matchup-2I called the Gentlemen teams the #1 and #3 teams last week, and here they are, both losing. Awkward. LMQ and SHC both tanked last week, so while they’ve been standout sleeper picks for Gideon, he didn’t really stand a chance against the doulbe CLG whammy and the resurgence of WildTurtle.


Manvryck’s team still needs a lot of changes – either in the power of the LCS or in his roster – to stand a chance. Gambit has been doing better, but Prolly and Pobelter are on-and-off as well as being on weaker teams.

I continue to be scared of Photosynthesia’s team, mostly because Kerp is a god. Cop is going to be a huge weak point in upcoming weeks.


Aybaran, there *had* to be somebody you could have started other than ROCCAT. They played one game last week. On that note, Darien still underscored them, so please replace him as well. Even Westrice is outscoring him, so you have to be able to find a better choice.

If Melkor takes 1st place overall, I may have to perform some form of penance. Probably play Poppy for 5 games on our 5s team or something. His team continues to win despite itself, as a weak performance by XiaoWeiXiao and Shook should have led to a loss, but luckily his opponent still has Darien and two ROCCAT players. ROCCAT only played one game last week -_-



The standings look not that bad for me, but I continue to be worried about my team, especially as Shiphtur has been more lackluster each week. Is this another Dignitas disappointment?


  1. Melkorthefoul – CLG so strong
  2. Gentleman Gideon – Cloud 9 and LMQ are just too shaky to trust
  3. Amphialus – CLG so strong
  4. Photosynthesia – slow and steady!
  5. Gentleman Gustaf – Shiphtur is my life 😦
  6. Fuzzywuzzy – TSM?
  7. Mavryck – Just picked up Overpow. That is not an improvement over Pr0lly, although Altec is a nice pickup.
  8. Aybaran – Jankos and Darien are just too huge of weak links atm.


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