Fantasy LoL: Week 3

Week 2 (summary here), was another good week for me, so I felt confident going into Week 3. Boy was that a mistake. This week, I took in the second-lowest points of any team. Awkward. I am now in a 4-way-tie for first place at 2-1.



So what happened? Basically, Woolite has been an incredible sub. Imaqtpie was good, but he simply can’t compete with those numbers. I don’t have a particularly weak position but I also don’t particularly have a backup superstar to Shiphtur until Cloud 9 recovers. I’m looking into trading out my Fnatic pick for another team, using Imaqtpie, Selfie, or KottenX as bargaining chips. I’ll give it another week to settle.

I had thought the same about Amphialus’ team, but Woolite has been going absolutely beast-mode. Mor is also proving to be a strong support, but in future weeks, the weakness of Voyboy should show, and WildTurtle is struggling as well.Week-3-Matchup-2

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Dyrus and Amazing are feeling like wasted picks right now, although Bjergsen is still putting points up. However, LMQ is downright terrifying, and Vasilii might just be able to carry TSM for FuzzyWuzzy over time, given his strong European backbone of SK Gaming and Alliance.

I continue to give bad advice, having told Photosynthesia to start Wickd over sOAZ. She picked up the win anyway, mostly thanks to a dominant performance by Svenskeren and Froggen, as well as continued dominance by Kerp (who remains my favorite sleeper). Kerp went negative in game 1, then returned with 40+ points in his second game. I feel you can always count on Kerp to put up good points, and any given week he has the potential to go godlike.



When Melkorthefoul wins this league, my shame wil be real. XWX is basically a god, pulling in about a million points a game, and Doublelift and Aphromoo pull in basically the same number of points in wins as losses, so it might just happen.

However, despite this loss, I think Gideon’s team remains the one to beat, with the Supa Hot bot lane of SHC and Balls/Hai once Cloud 9 gets back into gear, not to mention LMQ and the LMQ jungler, NoName.


New rule for fantasy LoL: draft LMQ. Seriously, Ackerman pulled in more points than 2 or 3 other top laners combined. Mavryck’s team has shaped up quickly, but it’s hard to imagine Pobelter or Pr0lly continuing their performance.

Aybaran is in a weak position right now, with Cloud 9 and TSM underperforming. Overpow needs replacing, but there aren’t many subs available in an 8-man league. If Cloud 9 recovers and he finds a new top laner, maybe his team will be scary.


  1. Gentleman Gideon – That team scares me 😦
  2. Melkorthefoul – … I bring great shame upon my family.
  3. Gentleman Gustaf – Again, Shiphtur is my life.
  4. Photosynthesia – Given the inconsistency of teams 2/3, the great number of subs for Photosynthesia suddenly looks like a strength.
  5. Amphialus – Like I said, consistency is valuable, and this team has it in spades.
  6. Mavryck – Ackerman is enough to carry Pr0lly, so it’s up to Pobelter and Diamond.
  7. Fuzzywuzzy – still a good team, but TSM is on a break from life atm.
  8. Aybaran – Overpow and Darien are just too huge of weak links atm.


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