Fantasy LoL: Week 2

After Week 1 (summary here), I was worried about not winning this league. But a few roster swaps for me — and a few disappointing performance for certain players who shall remain nameless (TSM) — has me feeling good about at least being able to compete for the #1 spot.


I swapped Qtpie out for Selfie, who had a beastly 94 point Week 1. This week, they Qtpie stepped it up, but Selfie  still did better. I also swapped Seraph for Kev1n, who summarily decided he didn’t feel like playing. Luckily, Wickd and Froggen must have been hungover, because they were content to let Tabzz carry them. And while Kerp/Jree were fantastic in Week 1, Kerp clearly has Tabzz on his fantasy team, as he helped feed him. Shiphtur didn’t go godlike, but I can’t rely on him to carry me every week, and luckily I don’t have to.

I actually won every matchup except for Kev1n vs Wickd and Fnatic vs SHC. Currently, I’m trying to trade away KottenX or Seraph for a new team, but nobody seems to be biting.


I told you this guy had good subs. He dropped NiQ for Creaton (amusingly, NiQ put up 31.5 points), and picked up Mimer instead of Quas.

Woolite put up a beastly game at ADC, which almost gave Amphialus the win anyway, but Melkor won every other other matchup. I really underestimated Woolite, and he is putting up great numbers despite the Copenhagen Wolves’ low record.


TSM fell out of the bronze tree this week, and hit every branch on the way down. Fuzzywuzzy fell from the dominant #1 spot to the extreme #8 spot, taking in half of the points per game that he did last week. In fact, his top 3 players from last week (Bjergsen/Vasilii/Amazing) took in more points than his whole team this week, even adjusted for the double-sized week.

Which TSM shows up each week will basically determine his performance. Aybaran dropped Darien for Westrice, but either way, his top lane slot  isn’t doing any work for him. However, he picked up the win anyway.


It looks like  Gentlemen might take the top two spots in this league. Gideon picked up WeWillfailer to replace Xpecial, and strong performances from SHC and Cloud 9 propelled him into a near-tie with me for the #1 points this week.

Power Rankings

  1. Gentleman Gideon – If SHC continues to shine, Gideon’s team just looks better than mine, especially with Cloud 9 stabilized and back to form.
  2. Gentleman Gustaf – I know I’m 2-0, but Shiphtur isn’t going to consistently penta. I’m dependent on the 50/50 Millenium, on the other hand.
  3. Melkorthefoul – You have no idea how much it hurts to do this, but Melkor’s team actually looks solid, if he can just start the right players in a given week.
  4. Fuzzywuzzy – TSM in a nutshell
  5. Amphialus – Consistency is valuable, and nobody on that team is going to fall off anytime soon (well, maybe ZionSpartan). Steadiness may not be a virtue  when other players can sub in and out for good/bad matchups, though.
  6. Aybaran – Get a new top laner and we can talk, but right now it’s the Cloud 9 bot lane show up in here.
  7. Photosynthesia – Honestly, there are just too many decisions to make: Yell0wStaR or Jree? Can Svenskeren/Cop step it up? Which sOAZ shows up from week-to-week? On a given week, this team could be 3rd or 7th
  8. Mavryck – The red teams are just too spotty right now. I’ll eat my words when Gambit Gaming goes 8-0 in the next 4 weeks :p


We suck at starting/benching the right players. I made a list of players who need benching

Top – Westrice

Jungle – Diamond, Cyanide

Mid – Pr0lly


Support – Edward

There are subs people are sitting at every one of those positions, so teams should be looking to trade! I’ve got KottenX and Seraph and need a new team!

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