Recent LoLEsports Posts

I’ve been traveling a lot recently, and my laptop is out of commission. As a result, I’ve not been the best about linking my posts. Below are the 8 posts on LoLEsports since my most recent post!

Corki in Professional Play

Recap: NA LCS Summer 2014 Week 1

Feature: A Graves Mistake

Fantasy LoL – Roster Swaps Change the Fantasy Field

Fantasy LoL – 8-Man Draft Strategies

Recap – All Star Finals

Feature – Destined for a Twist of Fate

One Comment on “Recent LoLEsports Posts

  1. Hey Gustaf, just had a question for you… what do you see happening on the AD carry front now that we are down to basically just 2 top tier carries (Lucian and Twitch)? It seems to me that pretty much every ADC is going to have to need at least 1 or 2 niche champs in case the top 2 get banned. So who is that going to be? Is Kog’Maw here to stay? Is Caitlyn still viable? What about Tristana (since range seems to be at a premium right now)?


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