Power Rankings Update

Updates to Power Rankings:

LoLEsports Power Rankings (of which I am a voter)

My Global Power Rankings

  1. Samsung Blue

  2. Najin Shield
  3. Samsung Ozone

  4. SKT T1 K

  5. CJ Entus Blaze

  6. KT Arrows

  7. Najin Sword
  8. CJ Entus Frost.
  9. KT Bullets

  10. OMG
  11. Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 has struggled to return to form after Hai’s absence. Hopefully, they can rise to the challenge, but until then, I have to drop them from top 10 status, after their embarrassing week 1 losses.
  12. Edward Gaming
    But Gentleman Gustaf, they beat out OMG and took second place in LPL! Definitely true, and Edward Gaming is definitely my *favorite* team in the LPL, but I’d like to see a bit more consistent performance from them in the future. Don’t be surprised if they jump over OMG next season.
  13. SKT T1 S

  14. TSM
    Amazing has really revitalized the team. I’ve been complaining about TheOddOne for months, so I’m glad to see TSM shining with a new jungler.
  15. LMQ
    A 4-0 start is cool and all, but LMQ faces two of the three teams they have to meet (Cloud 9 and Dignitas) to prove themselves this week.
  16. Fnatic
    Fnatic always slumps during the season, to be sure, but they don’t even look like Fnatic right now. Chalk a 2-2 start up to Europe being Europe, especially because SK Gaming and Alliance aren’t exactly chump change. But keep an eye on Fnatic for now.
  17. SK Gaming
    SK Gaming has carried their consistency from last split over to this one, and looks like they may be one of the premiere EU teams. They are one of the true team-based teams, with their players coming in a mere 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th in fantasy points for their position, with only nRated coming in 2nd. However, their decision-making and team chemistry has only increased with time.
  18. Alliance
    Alliance had a shaky start last split, but matured over time, and has carried that over into a top showing in Super Week. Unlike SK Gaming, Alliance is a team of stars, with every player in the top 4 for fantasy points for their position. If their chemistry and team-play continues to grow, they will be a commandingly dominant team.

  19. CLG
  20. World Elite
  21. Taipei Assassins
  22. AHQ
  23. Dignitas
  24. Millenium
    A few fans have been hyping the synergy between KottenX and Kerp/Kev1n, but even those fans could not have predicted Millenium’s explosive start. However, they have yet to face any of the top teams in Europe, so their games vs Alliance, SK Gaming, and Fnatic should help solidify their position.
  25. ROCCAT
    ROCCAT was the hype train of Europe last season, but they got off to a rough start. Their team is talented, and plays well together, but they are currently in a slump, and have shown spotty play historically.


  1. Cloud 9
  2. LMQ
  3. TSM
  4. Dignitas
  5. CLG
  6. Curse
  7. CoL
  8. EG


  1. SK Gaming
  2. Alliance
  3. Fnatic
  4. Millenium
  5. SHC
  7. Copenhagen Wolves
  8. Gambit Gaming

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