Fantasy LoL: Week 1

Check out my draft summary for this league!

Week 1 did not go as I’d expected it to, but I think I can handle these results. I’m definitely looking like the  2nd or 3rd place team, and I almost lost to somebody I’d projected to be 7th place.


I spent the whole draft teasing Melkor, after he drafted 2 supports and NiQ as his flex laner. Our matchup ended up being way closer than I’d expected. Cloud 9 stuttered in their first games, and Meteos suffered, pulling in 26 points fewer than Shook. Luckily, Shiphtur rallied for me, picking up a pentakill in his first game. As well, the Alliance bot lane was nearly unstoppable. Fnatic was a worse pick than Cloud 9, but not by a huge margin. Thank god he was starting NiQ this week, or I may have had to eat my words. I’ve learned my lesson about Seraph, and I’ll be starting Kev1n from here on.


Fnatic remains sort of disappointing. I’m glad I didn’t prioritize them. Let’s not talk about my Fnatic team pick. Everybody on ROCCAT is worth nothing, and I’m glad I didn’t draft them just out of fondness.

Photosynthesia probably shouldn’t have won  this week, with a flex top laner and Jankos jungle, but a good matchup netted her the win.


Mavryck is going to have to go back to the drawing board with his team, as his Gambit Gaming and Complexity players have him, well, in the red. Ackerman and Rekkles each pulled in more points than those 3 players combined, so if he can find good replacements for them, his team may shape up.

Amphialus has a steady roster, but again, lacks power picks. Woolite performed much better than I’d expected, so honestly, a new support would go a long way towards reshaping his team.


613. That’s how many points Fuzzywuzzy got. 140 more than me. Almost 88 points per player. How anybody will ever take his team down, I don’t know. I’ve never liked TSM much, but now I’m really hoping for them to shit the bed when I play against him.

Gentleman Gideon actually had a pretty good team this week, as MrRallez turned out to be a majorly clutch pick, and LMQ paid off. But even if Balls and Hai had performed as expected, how could he have matched up against 613 points? Jesus.

Power Rankings:

    1. Fuzzywuzzy
    2. Gentleman Gustaf

Gentleman GideonMelkorthefoul (he has a solid bench, just started the wrong players)PhotosynthesiaAybaranAmphialusMavryck


Overall, I’ve learned a few lessons:

  1. LMQ is the real deal. They went 4-0 and took down CLG, although they still need to face the “real” teams of NA, and I see them as the #2 or 3 NA team atm.
  2. Cloud 9 is no longer top dog, at least not dominantly. I expect them to rally and win the season, but gone are the days of 24-4 seasons.
  3. Shiphtur is a god. I’m glad I’ve got him in both of my important drafts.
  4. Alliance is going to be scary this year.
  5. TSM is scary with Amazing
  6. Don’t draft Gambit Gaming.
  7. Fuzzywuzzy might just destroy us all.

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