Favorite Players

I’ve been mia for a bit between All Stars and then the brief break before the season starts, but I don’t want to let another week pass without a post here. I’ll be handling a number of posts this and next week for LoLEsports, so today, I’ll be talking about my favorite players and teams, with an eye for fantasy LoL.


Cloud 9

Cloud 9 have been head and shoulders above every NA team since they made it into the LCS. What I like most about Cloud 9 is their lack of ego. Everything they do is about improving. When they first broke onto the scene, they borrowed team compositions and champions from the Korean scene, acknowledging that Korea held the best that competitive LoL had to offer.

Analysts have been continually underestimating them. For example, TSM started with a better record than Cloud 9, leading some analysts to rank them *above* Cloud 9. But there is simply no comparison to be made. Cloud 9 showed this with a commanding 3-0 finals performance against TSM.

Right now, you have a tiered ranking:

  1. Top Korean teams
  2. Mid Korean teams + Top Chinese teams + Cloud 9
  3. Top EU teams + Low Korean Teams + CLG/TSM
  4. Maybe Dignitas/LMQ. More data is required.
  5. Everybody else (the rankings are more complicated than that, but until IM plays against Dignitas, we won’t really be able to make that comparison

To call Cloud 9 the best NA team is a mistake; they are in a league of their own in NA.


My crush on Millennium began last split. Top lane and jungle have always been my favorite roles, and I noticed that Kev1n was getting the *best* stats of any top laner, despite being on the lowest ranked team in Europe. With the addition of KottenX to Millennium, I predicted that Millenium would rise up from 8th to 4th or 5th. In my fantasy league, I set my dream team as Kev1n, KottenX, Kerp, Creaton, LemonNation, Cloud 9 + any mid/ADC, with upgrades where possible.


ROCCAT burst onto the scene l ast season, and seemed nigh-unstoppable, before falling to third place. Their strategy was quite unique, with a farming jungler and a roaming mid, and a focus on objectives, not kills, causing many to dub them the Cloud 9 of Europe. Resultingly, their players make sub-par fantasy picks.



Balls is an understated part of Cloud 9. He should be even more dangerous this season of tanky AP Carries continue to sneak into the meta, and the heavy kill-involvement of AP tops could even make him an extra valuable fantasy pick, given a meta-shift.


I honestly see Kev1n as the best top laner in Europe. He is relatively understated, but very consistent and I have rarely seen him lose lane without a heavy camp. Most top laners are team reliant for their fantasy stats, but he puts up numbers all on his own.



Meteos is extremely unique in his playstyle, extremely versatile, and is the definition of a carry jungler. Initially, ‘carry’ jungle referred to how much harder he farmed than every other jungle. But now, it means something entirely different: Meteos wins games all on his own. He rarely dies and is involved in almost all of Cloud 9’s kills, making him an extremely valuable fantasy pick.


Amazing has incredible mechanical ability, and his Elise and Lee Sin are second only to Meteos and maybe Dexter.


KottenX is a relatively new jungler for Millennium, but he has revitalized the team, keeping them in the league. His position on Millennium makes him a great fantasy sleeper.



Shiphtur is a god. He was on the 6th place NA team, but played extremely well despite that. He plays best on extremely damage-heavy champions like LeBlanc or Ziggs, where he can make plays, rather than enable them (like with supportive picks like Lulu/Orianna).


Enough said. Hai has an extremely good mindset about the game, and plays for his team/to improve/to win.



Sneaky took a lot of flak for being a “support-oriented” ADC who was mostly there to sit on the backlines but not make plays. The way I see it, he did what his team needed at the time, as he has developed into a very strong carry in the most recent split.


Rekkles never dies, and seems to always do well, even when Fnatic is losing. He is one of the most talented players in NA or EU.


He is certainly not a top-tier ADC, but he is most definitely a unique ADC, who can play extremely aggressive ADCs like Draven, and is very fun to watch in lane.


In many ways, Cop is the converse of Imaqtpie. He prefers safer, long-ranged AD carries, and farms extremely hard while playing safely.



Vander revolutionized support last season with Morgana support, and was consistently a strong player who made plays, both in lane and roaming.


Aphromoo has gone from being a popular streamer with limited success to being the best NA support, while being one of the most likeable LCS players; it’s hard to say too much positive about him. He is one of the most play-making Supports in the game.

My Fantasy Team

As mentioned at LoLEsports and above, my priorities were Millenium, LemonNation, and Cloud 9.

My backup for top was ZionSpartan, my backup for support was Aphromoo, and at mid/adc, I was ok with most picks.

I grabbed LemonNation and WildTurtle to start. Next, I picked up Cloud 9 and Shiphtur, and then Kerp and KottenX. Unfortunately, Kev1n, ZionSpartan, and almost every top laner was snatched up, so I ended up with Xaxus and Quas. Overall, I’m happy with my roster, but I wish I’d held off on LemonNation in order to pick up Kev1n or ZionSpartan, and simply gotten Aphromoo or a different support later. We’ll see how it pays off.

Overall, I have:

Top – Xaxus
Jungle – KottenX
Mid- Shiphtur
ADC – WildTurtle
Support – LemonNation
Flex – Kerp
Team – Cloud 9
Subs – Quas/Dignitas/RobertxLee


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