Fantasy LoL: Draft

I’m currently in two fantasy drafts. You can read about the main one over on LoLEsports, and it features a lot of the freelance writers from there.

Each week, I’ll be linking my posts there, as well as doing a brief play-by-play of my other main draft, done with some buddies of mine. Today, I’ll be covering the draft, and what sort of draft strategies I had going into the drafts!

Going into each draft, I had four sets of priorities:

  1. Draft everything Cloud 9 that I could
  2. Draft Shiphtur because he is a god
  3. Draft all Millenium for everything past round 4 or so
  4. If nothing left, EU>NA

I ignored LMQ because they were too much of a wild card, and I avoided Fnatic and Gambit Gaming where possible because I was afraid of them tanking in the season like they always do.

First, you can read about my LoLEsports fantasy draft here. I ended up with a pretty solid team, and think I  will place 2nd or 3rd.

But more interesting is my draft with my friends!

#2 – Gentleman Gustaf

I was first pick, and snagged Meteos because he’s a badass. From there, I don’t really remember my pick order, but here’s my team:

  • Top – Kev1n/Seraph
  • Jungle – Meteos
  • Mid – Shiphtur
  • ADC – Imaqtpie
  • Support – Nyph
  • ADC – Tabzz
  • Team – Fnatic

Mistakes were made, and I drafted Fnatic. I also think the Seraph pick was a mistake. I should trust in Kev1n, as I’ve been hyping him for a whole split. I’m happy with my roster, though, as Fnatic won’t be an *awful* pick. Luckily, worse mistakes were made by others.

#8 – Mavryck

In my opinion, Mavryck has the weakest team, with Diamond, Edward, Pr0lly, and Pobelter. The rest of his team is good, but Complexity and Gambit Gaming have red icons for a reason, and it’s the low or negative points they’ll pull in this season.

#7 – Melkorthefoul

My first opponent, MelkorTheFoul, drafted Rush Hour bot lane as his first 2 picks, then Gleebglarbu as his 3rd pick, and later, Quas and NiQ. I think I can take him.

#6 – Aybaran

Aybaran is hard to judge, but I think the Darien pick alone will hold him back. I’m not so sure about SHC’s Impaler or ROCCAT’s Overpow.

#5 – Amphialus

Amphialus has a solid team all around, in my opinion. It’s just a bit on the boring side. Woolite at the flex position doesn’t excite me, but he also lacks a straight up star player.

#4 – Photosynthesia

Photosynthesia’s team has a good core which is weakened by its frontline. Running two top laners (Wickd/sOAZ) doesn’t feel like the right decision to me, and Jankos will not perform well in fantasy points.

#3 – Gentleman Gideon

After that, we have Gentleman Gideon. I think my team is better than his, but only slightly. His LMQ pick is risky, I can’t imagine Xpecial will do well, and Cyanide is the most boring jungler known to mankind.

#1 – FuzzyWuzzy

My biggest rival will be FuzzyWuzzy, who drafted TSM like woah. I don’t believe in TSM, but if they perform as well as they did last split, I may be in trouble. On top of Dyrus/Amazing/Bjergsen, he has Vasilii, NRated, Jesiz, and Alliance. If that team doesn’t make you shit bricks, you haven’t been paying attention to LoL recently. How good is his team? Well, to save space, I highlighted everybody’s mistakes instead of their players. I don’t think his team *has* any mistakes.

I’ll be back with Week 1 results at the end of the week!

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