Pre-Summer Split Power Rankings


  1. Samsung Blue
    I was hesitant to move them up from just a Bo5 head-to-head with Ozone, as I find them more patch reliant than Ozone. But after some lively debate with the LoLEsports crew, I have moved them up (or more specifically, Ozone down)

  2. Najin Shield
  3. Samsung Ozone

  4. SKT T1 K
    I honestly think they’ll be contenders at Worlds once they rebuild their synergy. Having Casper as a sub was a temporary setback.

  5. CJ Entus Blaze

  6. KT Arrows

  7. Najin Sword
    I consistently undervalue Najin Sword. I’d actually put them a bit lower, but it’s hard to ignore recent results. That and I felt bad having Cloud 9 in the #7 slot.
  8. CJ Entus Frost.
    And then I felt bad about having Cloud 9 in the #8 slot. This may be a bad reflex.
  9. Cloud 9
    Over OMG? I think with Hai, yes. I feel weird about them being in the top 10, but I don’t see a team below them that is currently a threat to them other than KTB and OMG, and KTB has roster issues, and Cloud 9 showed enough ability to win vs OMG that I think their full roster would push them over.

  10. KT Bullets
    Roster issues hurt.

  11. OMG
  12. SKT T1 S

  13. Fnatic
    Their losses at All Stars were far from a bad sign, as they were all close.
  14. Edward Gaming
    I could be overrating them. Hard to tell until they play internationally.
  15. TSM
    TSM>CLG internationally, just due to experience
  16. CLG
  17. SK Gaming
  18. Alliance
    A split’s experience should only make them stronger.

  19. Taipei Assassins
    Honestly not feeling GPL right now. They’re lucky to be this high, and I’ll be considering their spot carefully in the coming months.
  20. ROCCAT

  21. LMQ
    Apparently, they’ve taken games off of Cloud 9 in scrims, something World Elite have yet to look close to doing. Then again, allegedly, TPA 3-0’d Cloud 9 in scrims. If they perform well in the NA LCS Super Week, they’ll break top 20.

  22. AHQ
    Same as with TPA. TPS would be #26, and same with them.
  23. World Elite
    They snuck onto the list, but honestly, World Elite vs Cloud 9 looked about as bad as Curse or Dignitas would have.
  24. Dignitas/Millenium
    It’s hard to choose one, but their new rosters bump them over teams like IM #1 and IM #2. I think. Hard to say since they’ll never play against each other.

Apparently, they’ve taken games off of Cloud 9 in scrims, something World Elite or TPA have yet to look close to doing.


  1. Cloud 9
    The gap between Cloud 9 and every non-asian team is pretty huge, in my opinion.
  2. CLG/TSM
    I refuse to weigh in on this until I see Seraph and Gleebglarbu in action)
  3. LMQ
    They’re untried, but I foresee them moving up over Curse or Dignitas
  4. Dignitas
    The new solo laners should make Dignitas a real threat. Top lane will remain their weakness unless ZionSpartan steps it up.
  5. Curse
    Xpecial and Cop seems like a deadly combination.
  6. CoL
    Also untried, but with a bit less brute talent than LMQ
  7. EG
    Beating C9T was nice as a start, but…


  1. Fnatic
    Fnatic, man. Their season may not go well, but playoffs are their bread and butter.
  2. SK Gaming
    No roster changes.
  3. Millenium
    Kottenx and Kev1n may be the best jungle/top pairing in EU atm.
  4. Alliance
    No roster changes, but they improved as the Spring Split went on.
    No roster changes, but they had already started to trail off as the Spring Split went on.
  6. SHC
    Will a new support help them? MrRallez was one of the best ADCs of last season.
  7. Gambit Gaming
    Hard to see where they’ll be without Alex Ich, but they’ve been struggling already.
  8. Copenhagen Wolves
    Their best 2 players are gone…

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