All Star Day 2 Preview and Power Rankings

Let’s take a quick peek at each of games at All Stars. Woever ends up in 5th place misses out on the bracket, but OMG and SKTT1K have likely secured their spots, while Cloud 9 needs win only one game to be safe. With that in mind, the most pressing question seems to be who will take first (OMG or SKTT1K) and who will miss out on the bracket entirely (TPA or FNC). About the only way for Cloud 9 to fall to 5th is for TPA to beat them but lose to Fnatic, and also for Fnatic to take down SKTT1K.

SKTT1K vs OMG – China hasn’t faced off against Korea much since Worlds, where SKTT1K faced off against Royal Club. OMG has moved up since then, while SKTT1K is plagued with uncertainty. This game could determine SKTT1K’s ability to remain relevant. Will it be revenge for China, or redemption for SKT? Too close to call, but I’ll give it to OMG, sticking to my previous rankings.

C9 vs TPA – It’s hard to imagine TPA coming back from the crushing defeat TPA dealt them at IEM Katowice, but TPA is plus a world-class jungler, while Cloud 9 is missing Hai. Calling it for Cloud 9, but weakness from mid or support will be Cloud 9’s undoing if they lose.

FNC vs SKTT1K – Fnatic is a good team at their peak at the moment. But if even Cloud 9 is getting demolished by SKTT1K, the odds don’t look good for their rivals, Fnatic. Calling it for SKTT1K

Cloud 9 vs OMG – Cloud 9 has really shaped up their early game this season, one of OMGs biggest strengths. If they can avoid early mistakes, they may stand a chance. But OMG is definitely the better team on paper. Calling it for OMG, as Meteos will really have to control the game to give Cloud 9 a chance.

TPA vs FNC – The first and last games of the day are the most unsure. Winds is a strong addition to TPA, and if he can bully Cyanide and Fnatic’s lanes early on, maybe they can take a lead. Otherwise, Fnatic should win the game through mid and late game experience. Calling it for Fnatic.



Europe and North America have been rocked with roster swaps, and now face an entirely new landscape. Accordingly, some of the new placements are simply projections based off of roster changes, and will continue to change in the coming weeks.

  1. Samsung Blue

  2. Samsung Ozone

  3. OMG

  4. Najin Shield

  5. CJ Entus Blaze

  6. SKT T1 K

  7. KT Bullets

  8. KT Arrows

  9. Cloud 9

  10. CJ Entus Frost

  11. Edward Gaming

  12. Fnatic

  13. Najin Sword

  14. Taipei Assassins
  15. SKT T1 S

  16. CLG

  17. TSM

  18. ROCCAT

  19. AHQ

  20. World Elite
  21. LGD

  22. Alliance

  23. LMQ
  24. Curse
  25. Dignitas

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