All-Star Predictions

I’ve been traveling, so my predictions are coming in a bit late. However, if you go off of my global power rankings, we should expect (completed games bolded, unexpected wins italicized):

OMG beats SKT T1 K, Cloud 9, Fnatic, TPA

SKT T1 K beats Cloud 9, Fnatic, TPA

Cloud 9 beats Fnatic, TPA

Fnatic beats TPA

TPA loses everything

I will be adjusting my power rankings and publishing predictions for day 2 tomorrow, but so far, 5-0!

Each team looks to write its own stories in addition to representing their respective regions:

1) Can Cloud 9 continue their dominance of Chinese teams (they demolished World Elite at IEM Katowice) with a win over OMG?

2) Can Fnatic remain relevant in the international scene? They have already lost to their rivals, Cloud 9, so now need to beat out TPA to make the 4-team playoffs!

3) Can OMG become the first foreign (non-Korean) team to beat SKTT1K at anything?

4) Will Winds be the catalyst TPA needs to be anything but the biggest fish in the small region that is the GPL?

5) What’s up with SKTT1K? They went from being the best team in the world to slumping. A win at All Stars could mean that international teams can’t compete against the Korean scene, but it could also mean that SKTT1K is returning to their dominant form. On the other hand, a loss could mean that OMG and Cloud 9 can rival Korean teams, but could also mean that SKTT1K has lost their relevance!

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