EU Quarterfinals

Here are my brief predictions for the quarterfinals!

Alliance vs Copenhagen Wolves

Alliance vs Copenhagen Wolves should be pretty interesting. Alliance has been super hot, climbing from last place to first place before falling to third. They are 3-1 against Copenhagen Wolves, and haven’t lost to them since Week 1.

Priority Picks/Bans

Alliance has picked Caitlyn and Thresh in three of their four games vs Copenhagen Wolves, and Irelia in two out of four, so look to see those targeted by Copenhagen Wolves for bans. I think it’s unlikely that Copenhagen Wolves should take Thresh, as they have yet to play Thresh in any of their games, with a lot of focus on Annie and Leona. Better ban Irelia and pick Caitlyn.

Amazing has played amazingly well on Lee Sin early on, so look to see a pick/ban on him, probably a ban, as Shook  doesn’t play particularly well on Lee Sin. They’ll probably run Kha’Zix in the jungle, although Evelynn could be a good pick. Unless it’s banned, look to see Thresh.

Check in for reviews of the game  as they happen!

Game 1

Picks/bans went partially as I expected, with CW banning Irelia. They also banned, Nidalee (against Froggen) and Renekton, which seemed a bit odd until their first pick. Alliance banned Lucian, Ryze, and Evelynn.

Alliance first-picked Kha’Zix (no surprises there).

Copenhagen Wolves went for Jax (explains the ban on Renekton!) and Caitlyn (unexpected). From there, the picks were:

  • Alliance: Shyvana/Ziggs/Twitch/Thresh
  • Copenhagen Wolves: Xin Zhao/Yasuo/Karma

Heal+Exhaust is the way to go bot lane, but Froggen also picked up Exhaust on Ziggs!

What a start! Copenhagen Wolves got to push all the way to the inhibitor (picking up First Blood on Shyvana), while losing only their inner turret, then backed off to take dragon (with no vision), getting off to an early 2k gold lead!

From there, two stories define the game:

1) Split-pushing

YoungBuck continually went to a different lane from his team, and with how unstoppable Jax is, he was able to take down 2 top towers, 2 bot inhibs, and one mid tower while his team stalled.

2) Diving

Twitch and Ziggs are both too immobile to deal with the multiple dive threats of Jax/Xin Zhao/Yasuo, going down in almost every teamfight, while Shyvana was not able to be a big threat to Karma/Caitlyn’s ability to kite. All three divers for Copenhagen Wolves stack armor, then focus Froggen just to make sure he can’t do any magic damage.

It should be noted that the split-pushing plays into the diving, because the rotations of Alliance leave Tabbz and Froggen out of position a few times!

Play of the Game:

Jax/Caitlyn try to force a two man baron! When Alliance counter-engages, CW takes a 4-1 with only Thresh alive, and cleans up the baron! Amazing and Jax were able to get onto the back line and zone Froggen, Tabzz, and Nyph completely out while Wickd, with no damage, was stuck on CW’s back line alone!

CW continues to split, with Jax mid and 3 baroned up members pushing the respawned but still open inhibitor bot lane! They pick up mid outer, swing down into a 5v5 and use baron regen to take the inhib, then rotate onto dragon, pulling into a 10k gold lead and a likely win!

Mistake of the Game

In the last fight of the game, Shyvana teleported in to contest Baron, but seeing that it was dead, canceled his teleport. Unfortunately, his team was already in position to fight, and Froggen got caught in the 5v4, allowing CW to get the open inhib bot, mid inhib tower, mid inhib, top inhib tower, Tabzz, top inhib, ace, and the nexus!

Recently, I called Amazing the best jungler in EU, but this game, the rest of his team (especially YoungBuck) really stepped it up and allowed him to do what he needed to get the win.

Game 2


Lighting fast bans: the same ones (Nidalee Irelia Renekton) for Copenhagen Wolves, but Kha’Zix/Ziggs/Jax bans for Alliance, which left Evelynn and Lee Sin open for Amazing.

CW first-picked Evelynn; will we see Feral Flare again in place of his usual BotRK? Alliance responded with Lucian (predicting the Caitlyn pick), and Lee Sin.

Caitlyn and Thresh were left open, and CW picked up Caitlyn, but opted to go for Karma now.  Alliance picked up Ryze and Nami in response.

CW picked up Lulu and Mundo, and Alliance responded with Karthus last.


Alliance has an extremely late-game composition with Ryze/Karthus.

Ryze and Mundo both want to scale into late game, and Mundo will be able to stack MR hard vs Ryze/Karthus, becoming extremely tanky with Spirit Visage alone.

Evelynn could go either Feral Flare or her usual Elder Lizard/BotRK build; I actually think Feral Flare is likelier, given Amazing’s previous choice. EDIT: aw, Elder Lizard.

Lulu will also be able to counter Karthus’ ult with her ultimate and shield.


Huge invade by CW with no time for Alliance to respond! Copenhagen Wolves gets a blue for free, and Mundo teleports top to lane!

Laning Phase

CW picks up the first tower and dragon off of a 4-man gank bot, 1.5k gold lead!


Copenhagen Wolves needed to get the win early on, because their teamfight late game was much weaker. Unfortunately, they had almost no hard CC, and weren’t able to press their edge. Forg1ven got caught once, and Alliance took Baron and Inhibitor for their power play.

Game 3

Thank you to Copenhagen Wolves for reminding us why nobody plays Dr. Mundo anymore.

ROCCAT vs Gambit

All I have to say is this: ROCCAT is the best, and this is why you ban Thresh vs Vander.





Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

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