Wise Words from Hai and Balls

“Well, when you’re in a game, you never hindsight something. So like, if somebody does a stupid dive, you do not call that guy out. You don’t say anything bad. You make a bad play, whatever, just move on from it. That’s the past. So, when that happened, we were just like, alright, whatever. Moving on, what’s the next thing we do? What’s next. Just make plans for ahead.”

– Hai

“I don’t really care for what my stats show. I play to win this game. I don’t necessarily play to win the lane. I do a lot of things that aren’t really selfish. Like, a lot of people give Meteos crap for taking my blue buff. It’s not mine; he can take it if he wants. It just depends on who can make more out of it. And if me farming mid vs me diving bottom — Whatever one’s more important, I’ll go do that one. So all I want to do is win the game…I don’t want to be a star or anything; I just want to win the game, and that’s what’s important to me.”

– Hai

“I mean, it feels good, knowing that everyone thinks of me highly but, I think I’m just playing well, and there’s not really much to do when all I see is red creeps and farm them all, and my team lets me do that. So it makes my cs look high… Other teams prioritize gold higher on other teams…I think I get a lot of farm compared to Sneaky and Hai. I see red creeps and farm them.”


“First of all, it’s pretty hard to farm with Rumble because of his Flamespitter, so you have to play Rumble a lot and get used to the timing of last-hitting with his Flamespitter on, or also turning around. There’s also a lot of stuff like, depending on your lane matchup and the junglers, you have to decide when to push your lame or farm, I guess. Most of the time on Rumble I start Flamespitter and try to win lane, but in solo queue, it’s pretty hard when they just gank you right away.”


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