Week 9 LCS Power Rankings

Just a quick opinion post while I put the finishing touches on my pick ban article. It should be out later today, along with a post or two from LoLEsports!

Only comments on the interesting picks.


  1. SK Gaming – they have looked extremely strong, beating out basically every other top-tier team.
  2. Fnatic – You can never count Fnatic out.
  3. Roccat – Here’s to hoping they can break their funk.
  4. Gambit Gaming
  5. Alliance – Their synergy really seems to have shaped up.
  6. Copenhagen Wolves
  7. Supa Hot Crew
  8. Millenium


  1. Cloud 9 – I think C9 has been going half tilt for the Spring Split. Bot lane is their main weakness vs TSM, but they’ve done fine in their 3 games vs TSM.
  2. Team Solo Mid – Everybody on this team is in the top 3 for their position.
  3. Counter Logic Gaming – If they’d had Dexter from the beginning, they might be competing for a top 2 spot. They look extremely solid right now.
  4. Curse – I see them continuing their dominance of Dignitas to take 4th.
  5. Coast
  6. Dignitas – I’m still not convinced by Dignitas.
  7. XDG – too little, too late.
  8. EG

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