LCS Power Rankings – Pre-Super Week

Quick updates to the Power Rankings!


  1. ROCCAT – They look solid, and have shown their creativity. I hesitate to put them in the #1 spot because new teams tend to stumble on the international scene, but they have a whole split after this to develop.
  2. Fnatic – Yes, they’ve had it rough. But I doubt there’s a team in EU that wants to face them in the playoffs, even Gambit Gaming.
  3. Gambit Gaming – They are a team that delivers when it  counts, and they are still atop the rankings. I’ll take a .500 Gambit over almost any other .600 team come playoffs.
  4. SK Gaming – They are 1-1 against Gambit and Fnatic, 2-0 against ROCCAT, and only have a losing matchup vs Alliance (against whom they are 1-2, surprisingly). They may not yet be they kings, but they are certainly kingslayers.
  5. Copenhagen Wolves – They’ve been up and down my list, and I’m sticking to Week 1 guns with them.
  6. Alliance – Their synergy is slowly building, but it feels like too-little, too-late, especially with the strong competition they’ll face from SHC and CW for the the #5 spot.
  7. Supa Hot Crew – I’m a sucker for new teams, and their style is exciting to watch
  8. Millenium – I remain unimpressed by anybody on Millenium but Kev1n.


  1. Cloud 9 – They may have 1 win fewer than TSM, but they’re 2-1 against TSM, and have been experimenting with rosters all season. Meteos is growing into the mantle of best NA jungler, Hai is stepping up, Sneaky feels like a real carry, and only LemonNation feels remotely like a weak link at the moment.
  2. TSM – TSM is a scary team right now. They probably have the second-best top laner, the best mid laner, the best ADC, and one of the top-two supports. They just lack the synergy of Cloud 9.
  3. CLG – Every player on the team has stepped it up to Doublelift’s level, and I see CLG as a clear #3 team, just short of rivaling the big two.
  4. Coast – This may seem insane, but I think CST has what it takes to take the #4 spot from Dignitas (a team I find overrated at the moment). Their solo laners — especially Shiphtur — are supremely talented, and they are developing as the season goes on.
  5. XDG – Big words, but XDG was the #2 team last season, and with their new — or is it old? — roster, they’ve already taken C9 down. With a bit more synergy and consistency, I see them beating CST, EG, CRS, and DIG in most games from here on out.
  6. Dignitas – I actually want to put DIG below CRS, but the current 2 win lead makes it about even.
  7. Curse – Their experiments haven’t been very successful, and (once again) they seem to be living up to their name.
  8. Evil Geniuses – They feel a bit like a weaker CST at the moment.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

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