EU LCS Week 7 – Power Rankings

This isn’t the EU LCS we expected. It’s important to note that some teams: Gambit and Fnatic in particular, are known for performance when it matters: in the playoffs. This has affected my power rankings somewhat.


ROCCAT is undeniably strong, and really feels like the Cloud 9 of EU. Like Cloud 9 of the 2013 season, they run Thresh almost every game, but when they don’t, they have their own pioneered support (Morgana instead of Zyra). Like Cloud 9, their jungler knows how to farm (his jungle Gragas vs Fnatic). Like Cloud 9, their mid prefers single-target assassins. And like Cloud 9, they’ve come out of nowhere to dominate. They were my favorite new team, and have definitely been my top choice since Week 3, when I bet on them to beat Fnatic. While I was wrong then, they took their second game vs Fnatic, and hove been dominant since. I can’t wait to see how they match up against Cloud 9.

#2 Fnatic

They have to pull out of their tailspin, but I still expect a quality playoffs performance out of them if they can.

#3 – Gambit Gaming

They’ve had their struggles, but they’re still only a game under ROCCAT, and survived their week of subs. Hopefully they can come out strong with their main roster.

#4 SK Gaming

Beating the previous top 3 teams (Roccat/Gambit/Fnatic) back-to-back is no small accomplishment. CandyPanda looks on point right now.

#5 SHC

Another new team lighting up the boards. Supa Hot Crew took time to get their momentum, but their aggressive style has taken EU by storm recently.

#6 Alliance

Alliance is starting to find their synergy. Unfortunately, so too have the new teams (ROCCAT/SHC) and some old teams (SK Gaming). I see them sticking around next season, and maybe competing with SHC and Fnatic (if they can’t right themselves).

#7 Copenhagen Wolves

I guess we now see how much Bjergsen mattered to the Copenhagen Wolves…

#8 Millenium

They just don’t feel like they have anything consistent or unique about them.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

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