A Gentleman’s Dozen

Gentleman Gustaf, what are you doing up at 6 AM?

The answer is simple: watching one of my favorite teams — the Singapore Sentinels — play in the GPL (if the connection issues are ever resolved)!

What are the teams that can draw me to play them live, no matter what? Find out, after the break.

#1 – Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a team that symbolizes humility. Meteos’ strategy is very much borrowed, with him having drawn a lot of inspiration directly from CloudTemplar, and Cloud 9 readily admitted to pulling champion picks from the Korean scene. Balls is an extremely understated top laner, Sneaky sacrificed his gold for the team’s good in the S3 summer split, and overall, Cloud 9 is much less flashy and much more stable than most North American teams (and it showed during their 25-3 S3 Summer Split)

#2 – Gambit Gaming

In many ways, Gambit is the opposite of Cloud 9. Yes, they have the team organization, but they are extremely aggressive early, and like to skirmish a lot in the mid-game. But most importantly, they are known for huge amounts of innovation, with Urgot ADC, counter-jungling, Warwick top, Nasus/Volibear jungle, and a whole host of other strategies all being popularized by them.

#3 – Fnatic

Fnatic is entirely unpredictable. They have played in more high-level late games than almost any team, and it shows. They are very composed, and innovate seemingly on the fly in late games.

#4 – Roccat

I picked Roccat for my dark horse team because their extremely aggressive style is fun to watch, but they also play well as a team, and innovate. Their jungler can farm heavily on Gragas, but can also play a gank heavy style.

#5 – KT Bullets

They’ve folded under the pressure, failing to win any championships, but their play is always very dynamic.

#6 – Singapore Sentinels

I’m up watching them at 5:30 AM and they run Singed top? What’s not to love. I’m also quite biased towards Singapore. If only the game would ever start. >_>

#7 – SKTT1

I really don’t want to like SKT. I’ve always been about underdogs, in every sport I’ve ever followed. But Faker is just too exciting not to like watching. I’m not always rooting for him to win, but I’m always wanting to see him play.

#8 – IG Exile

They’re also from Singapore. I’ve heard they’re very interesting, as well. Wah! Banana ftw 🙂

#9 – Vulcun

I actually really liked Vulcun, and ManCloud is one of my favorite pro players. Their lane swap doesn’t seem to have panned out, however, so they can be disappointing to watch.

#10 – Aphromoo

Whatever team he ends up on, I’ll like. He’s definitely one of the real characters of the League of Legends scene.

#11 – Dignitas/Curse

Both of these teams are hard to be fans of. Every year, they show potential, and every year, they choke when it matters. They both look in a decent position to avoid relegation, and Dignitas is bumping against TSM and Cloud 9 this year.

#12 – Yeo Flash Wolves (formerly Gamanian Bears)

Would it be embarrassing to admit that I just really like their old team name (Gamanian Bears), not to mention their player names (Mountain/Steak)


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

You can see his other work here:

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I love to talk to friends, and you can add me at Gentleman Gustaf, but keep in mind that my friend list is very near full, so I may not reply, or I may delete you shortly thereafter (to make room for others)

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