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Hey guys, I’ve been pretty sick this last week, but I have a lot of things in store for the tail-end of the week. Since there haven’t been updates in awhile, I’m going to just go ahead and sketch out what my plans are for this week (as you’ve noticed, the week is really a Thursday-Sunday thing because of when the LCS happens. I’ll be shifting to a Monday-Saturday schedule after Super Week, when I’ll have enough data.

I’ve been keeping a lot of data about LCS play like Champion Select, First Blood/Dragon/Tower/Baron, 2v2 vs 2v1, Item Builds, and Champion Picks/Bans.

I’m going to be leveraging this data for a series of articles I’ve decided to call LCS Spotlight. Every week, I’ll pick a team, player, lane, or champion, and talk about the important things you need to know to play like the pros, whether it be pre-game information like champions to pick/ban, runes/masteries, and team comps, early game information like laning setups, objective information like baron/dragon/tower priorities, and later-game information like how to execute strategies, or what items to build. I’ll be linking all of these posts here.

I’ll be starting that this week by covering the popular champions in each lane, as well as some counter-picks and surprise picks that have arisen.

As well, I’ll be putting out a few champion guides. First on the docket is an update to the Skarner jungle guide. However, due to technical issues, my guide has become disconnected from my LoLKing account, so I’ll have to wait until that’s fixed to edit it. Next up is Nasus top, and that should be out sometime this week. As well, I want to get to my other favorite tops, Warwick, Trundle, Rumble, Cho, and Lissandra. I probably won’t do Renekton because, really, who doesn’t play him and could write a better guide?

I won’t be doing any preview articles this week, but I’ll still be putting predictions out.

I haven’t been streaming for awhile , between being busy with articles and being sick, but I hope to start streaming solo queue, duo queue with my team’s jungler Wuigi, and 5s play with Funk Overload again on Monday.

Finally, I recently was hired by Riot to write LCS analysis/review/preview articles, so some of my posts will be hosted there, but linked here for easy access.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

You can see his other work here:

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I love to talk to friends, and you can add me at Gentleman Gustaf, but keep in mind that my friend list is very near full, so I may not reply, or I may delete you shortly thereafter (to make room for others)

One Comment on “LCS Spotlight

  1. Always excited for more analysis and glad to see riot hiring great talent. Keep up the great work.


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