EU LCS Week 4 Predictions

Fnatic vs Alliance

Fnatic never really had a problem with CLG.EU in its prime, so it’s hard to imagine them losing to Wickd and Froggen. Wickd and Froggen love to drag games out late, and Fnatic’s late game is so unpredictable and tight.

Millenium vs Roccat

The best team in Europe that isn’t seasons old vs the worst-performing team in the league? It’s hard to see a win from Millenium. Roccat showed that they don’t rely on snowballing in their strong performance vs Fnatic (despite the eventual loss), so even if they don’t take an early lead, they can control the game tempo through Jankos.

Copenhagen Wolves vs Gambit Gaming

Gambit Gaming looks in their element right now, innovating (Kennen support, Zed jungle, Warwick top) and losing only to FNC and ROC. Both of their losses have been on purple side, but the Copenhagen Wolves have been largely disappointing, with only their win vs ROC counting for much, given ALL and MIL’s general failure this season.

Supa Hot Crew vs Millenium

Millenium has largely looked lost, with their only victories coming vs SK. However, this is their first game vs SHC. I give the advantage to SHC, who has been able to take games off of CW and ALL as well, and who are on blue side.

SK Gaming vs Copenhagen Wolves

I’ve been consistently rating SK over the Copenhagen Wolves, but the Wolves have disappointed time and time again. Their last match was extremely close, so I give the edge to SK Gaming just for being blue side.

Supa Hot Crew vs Gambit Gaming

Gambit Gaming is looking good after their victory over Fnatic, and SHC’s momentum won’t be enough to take down this powerhouse.

Fnatic vs Roccat

Fnatic won this matchup in what may have been the best game of Season 4 thus far, so expect a great game. But Fnatic should probably win this with blue side advantage. Roccat has another chance to learn from their mistakes vs Fnatic, and I still expect them to take a game off of Fnatic this season.

Alliance vs Millenium

Alliance has finally gotten a semblance of momentum together, and I think they can definitely beat out Millenium. SHC has also started to do well, so they’ll have to take them on for the #6 spot to avoid relegation.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

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