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Some picks, like Renekton/Mundo/Shyvana top lane, are pretty dominant across both scenes. But what champions have been hot picks and bans in Europe? Find out after the break!

Top Lane


Much like in the North American scene, Europe saw few bans aimed at top lane, and on similar champions:

Mundo – 5
Shyvana – 3


And the picks reflected that as well:

Mundo – 8
Renekton – 8
Shyvana – 9

However, Europe did a great job of innovating their way out of the “Mundo/Shyvana/Renekton” meta, even before the planned Spirit Visage/Sunfire Cape nerfs.

Gambit’s Darien was unstoppable on Warwick, riding a KDA of 26 to a 2-0 showing vs a Mundo and a Shyvana.

Fnatic’s sOAZ played Shen vs Renekton for a 14 KDA victory, and busted out Trundle vs Darien’s Mundo for a flawless 3-0-13 game.

ROCCAT’s Xaxus played an unorthodox Sunfire Cape + Frozen Heart + Void Staff Malphite in a 2-0-6 victory over a Renekton.

The power 3, on the other hand, suffered, with only Renekton pulling out a 50% win rate:

Mundo – 3-5 (2.25 KDA)
Renekton – 4-4 (3.93 KDA)
Shyvana – 4-5 (3.32 KDA)

It’s hard to imagine a week where Darien and sOAZ lose top lane in a majority of their games, but I got a chance to try out Darien’s Warwick, and it is disturbingly strong feeling.


Warwick and Renekton feel like the winners after this week, but the potential is there for Malphite and Trundle.



4 junglers took the majority of the jungle bans:

Elise – 11
Olaf – 5
Vi – 5
Lee Sin – 3


These matched up nicely with (3 of) the top 4 jungle picks:

Lee Sin – 9
Vi – 9
Elise – 4
Shyvana – 3

No other jungler received more than 2+ picks.

It would be easy to dismiss the Lee picks as a quirk of DiamondProx, but he only accounted for 3 of the picks, with all other junglers but Cyanide and Impaler playing The Blind Monk at least once!

On the other hand, Cyanide accounted for 3 of the Vi picks, but every jungler but DiamondProx picked Vi up once, to mixed results: Cyanide was 3-0 on Vi, but the rest of the European junglers only managed a 2-4 record. One thing to note here: Cyanide was the only Vi jungler to pick up Elder Lizard, getting it in 2/3 of his games.

Finally, Elise was 4-0 with a 9.0 KDA.

The other common junglers were quite underwhelming:

Shyvana – 0-3 (.60 KDA)
Xin – 0-2 (1.15 KDA)
Eve – 1-1 (2.83 KDA)


So who was the top jungler?

Elise – 4-0 (2.67 KDA)

Lee Sin – 6-3 (4.23 KDA)

Vi – 5-4 (3.59 KDA)


It’s obvious that Elise is a solid go-to pick for many players. When it comes to Lee and Vi, they are more the comfort junglers of the junglers of the best two European teams, so it’s hard to judge their performance: they were mediocre junglers in the hands of everybody else. Those 3 junglers aside, no junglers ran a winning record.



Mid drew relatively fewer bans than in North America (50 compared with 61), but the story was basically the same: Kassadin/Kayle/Yasuo/Riven, with LeBlanc/Kha’Zix and Gragas/Ziggs as niche bans.

Kassadin – 17
Kayle – 8
Yasuo – 7
Riven – 5
Gragas – 3
Ziggs – 3
LeBlanc – 2
Kha’Zix – 2
Nidalee – 1
Orianna – 1


And if the bans were varied and diverse, so were the champion picks:

Gragas – 9
Ziggs – 5
LeBlanc – 4
Riven – 3

What mids were dominant? The only mid champions with more than one game and a 50% win rate or higher are:

Kayle: 2-2 (6.75 KDA)
Riven: 2-1 (2.67 KDA)

In fact, Gragas and Ziggs suffered heavily:

Gragas: 3-6 (3.14 KDA)
Ziggs: 1-4 (1.82 KDA)


Much like in the North American scene, unlike the other lanes, mid seems to have more correlation with who is playing, not what champion, not to mention the composition of both teams. Maybe with more data on the 1 win champions like Kha’Zix, Nidalee, Orianna, and Pantheon, we’ll be able to draw better conclusions.



Much like in North America, everybody seems to think ADCs indistinguishable.

Lucian – 1
Jinx – 1


In picks, as well, much seems the same:

Lucian – 10
Jinx – 9
Caitlyn – 7
Ezreal – 4


However, Lucian has been less weak in the European scene, with Jinx being extremely dominant and Caitlyn being sub-par:

Jinx: 7-2 (10.8 KDA)
Lucian: 4-6 (2.89 KDA)
Caitlyn: 3-4 (3.06 KDA)
Ezreal: 2-2 (8.6 KDA)

Don’t be too hasty to draw many conclusions from this. Jinx may be 7-2, but Rekkles is 3-0 on Jinx with a score of 26-0-20, while Genja is 3-0 with a score of 17-3-22. Combined, their record is 6-0 with a 28 KDA. Take them out and Jinx is 1-2 with a score of 10-7-13, for a KDA of 3.28. So is Jinx dominant because Rekkles and Genja are dominant, or is she a strong ADC? Judging from the North American data, I’d say she’s simply a strong ADC, but her EU dominance is a bit overstated due to who has been picking her.


Jinx should be picked or banned if you are or are vsĀ Fnatic/Gambit. Other than that, Caitlyn/Ezreal/Lucian should suffice. Their records vs teams that aren’t the dominant two are:

Lucian: 4-3
Caitlyn: 3-3
Ezreal: 2-1


In Korea, supports have been eating up nearly half of the bans for awhile, with Annie, Leona, and Thresh bans almost constantly. In North America, these ban numbers are much lower. Europe prioritizes the same 3 supports, with heavier bans than North America, but lighter than Korea:


Annie – 14
Leona – 4
Thresh – 4


As far as picks go, Thresh is by far the crowd favorite, with Annie, Lulu, and Leona trailing behind

Thresh – 10
Annie – 5
Leona – 5
Lulu – 5


Not only was he the most-picked champion, but Thresh also pulled in the top win rate:

Thresh – 6-4 (2.59 KDA)
Annie – 3-2 (3.26 KDA)
Leona – 2-3 (2.92 KDA)
Lulu – 2-3 (2.00 KDA)

However, the win rates between the dominant supports are all about 50%.

Annie went 1-4 against Thresh, but 2-2 against the other supports, including a 2-1 record against Leona. What puts Thresh ahead of the other supports is a win vs Nami and a win vs Nunu, two supports that managed 0 wins in week 1. Each support seems evenly contested in Europe. On top of that, there were two unusual support picks: Kennen and Galio; look to see those again after their success.

Top Teams

So what are the top champs by lane in the European meta?

Top – Warwick/Trundle/Shen/Renekton

Jungle – Elise -> Lee Sin/Vi

Mid – Kassadin -> Anybody

AD – Jinx -> Anybody

Support – Thresh/Leona/Annie



Get Jinx or you’ll Get Jinxed!


Elise is the dominant pick, so if you don’t want her, ban her. Otherwise, you’re pretty good with any pick, but try to keep Lee away from Diamondprox and Vi away from Cyanide.


Make sure you have one, I guess.


There are just too many options available to be worreid. If you are going to ban out a top, it may just be Trundle or Warwick vs Fnatic or Gambit. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.


As long as you ban out Kassadin, just pick for your comp/lane. Try to pick last and prioritize counter-picking over grabbing a priority champion.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

You can see his other work here:

Facebook Page


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