EU LCS Power Rankings: Post Week 1

The European teams have gone head-to-head for 4 games each, and there have been some surprises! I’m back with Power Rankings, but first, let’s talk methodology! How am I making these power rankings? Read on to find out!

Well, first, I’ve got a bit of a complicated system for wins and losses. Whenever you beat a team, you get x+1 points, where x is the number of teams they have beaten that week. Whenever you lose to a team, you lose 5-x points.

So for example, Fnatic beat Gambit (3 wins = 4 points), SK (2 wins = 3 points), Millenium (1 win = 2 points), and Alliance (1 point). Using this system, I have the following Power Rankings:

  • #1 Fnatic – 10 points
  • #2 Gambit – 6 points
  • #3 ROCCAT – 2 points
  • #4 SK – 0 points
  • #4 Copenhagen Wolves – 0 points
  • #6 Millenium – -2 points
  • #7 SHC – -6 points
  • #8 Alliance – -10 points

Of course, we can’t have ties, so step two is tie arbitration. This process is easy: SK beat Copenhagen in a head-to-head match, so they get 4th place, while Copenhagen gets 5th place.

With so few games, I’ve taken to seeing the European Meta in much closer to a Tier System than a straight up power ranking.

Top Tier – Fnatic/Gambit Gaming

These teams have simply got the composure, skill, and experience to dominate other teams. Both teams are extremely strong innovators, both in the unique strategies they bring to the game and in the improvisational skills they showcase in every close game.

Both teams are known for excelling under pressure in chaotic situations.

Most recently, Gambit came close to losing vs SHC, but Diamondprox and Darien managed to stall for time and draw SHC away from major objectives again and again. Then, when the teamfights finally mattered, they went 4-0 and then 5-1, pushing hard for the win.

3rd Place Tier – Hard to Say

This team earns the third EU spot to the World Championships (or at least, they would in a summer split). It’s too hard to really differentiate a 3rd place team after Week 1, but I’m putting my informal money on ROCCAT.

Next Split Tier – ROCCAT/Millenium/SK/Copenhagen

These teams are likely to stick around for next split. But most of their wins came against each other, or Relegation Tier teams


I’m going ahead and doubling down on ROCCAT; I think they will earn the third EU World’s spot! Their struggling victory vs Alliance wasn’t reassuring, but they have now beaten most of the teams “below” them or “at their level”, minus a sloppy loss to the Copenhagen Wolves that saw Riven and Caitlyn bot lane for several critical teamfights.


It’s hard to count Millenium out thus-far. They may be 1-3, but their losses were top 3 teams, record-wise, and their win was to the “4th” place team, SK.


On the one hand, they lost to SK. On the other hand, they pulled a win off of the otherwise undefeated ROCCAT. Besides, SK only barely eked out the victory over Copenhagen in what was arguably a huge throw by the Wolves.


SK has only beaten the #5 team and SHC, a team who has only managed to beat a no-wins team. I’d say Millenium’s win over them means more than just that.

Relegation Tier – SHC/Alliance


I claimed in my initial Power Rankings that I found Alliance to be massively overrated; that they had no experience together, and no real playstyle similarities. As a result, I put them in 5th place, not the 3rd I felt many expected of them. If the first week is any indication, I didn’t mark them down enough. That being said, they are a very skilled roster, so if they do find their synergy, they can definitely compete with the likes of the Next Split Tier.


SHC just doesn’t feel ready. They had a strong showing and signs of life against Gambit Gaming, but were eventually shut down.

The top and bottom of the European LCS seemed pretty decisive (although it’d be premature to declare the nail in any team’s coffin this early), with Fnatic and Gambit dominating as expected, Alliance failing to live up to hype, and SHC seeming weak and out of place. But the middle is anybody’s game, and seeding for the end-of-split tournament is no small prize.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

You can see his other work here:

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2 Comments on “EU LCS Power Rankings: Post Week 1

  1. The one thing I was really impressed with from SHC was their bot lane. A lot of other mistakes made but MrRallez and Migxa showed some skills (and some faults, but mostly positive).


  2. Also did things change or do you earn worlds slots based on the spring split now? Because things can look completely different Spring to summer split. Evidence Curse and Dig last year in NA’s Spring Split.


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