NA LCS W1D2 – Preview

Day 1 didn’t tell us much about the future of the NA LCS; the teams who were supposed to win dominated, the teams who were supposed to disappoint did not disappoint (at disappointing), and we come away from Day 1 with little knowledge outside of a strong showing by the 3 dominant teams, C9, TSM, and XDG. What are we looking to see in Day 2?

Curse vs XDG

Curse had a decent win vs Coast, but a win vs XDG would go a long way towards establishing their new roster. If they don’t win this match, it’s not the end of the world for them.

C9 vs CLG

It’s hard to see CLG taking this win without their full roster.

Dignitas vs TSM

Dignitas struggled to close out against an incomplete CLG roster. TSM is one of the dominant NA teams. Dignitas is relying, in large part, on scarra to carry them, and it’s hard to see him beating out Bjergsen.


This is a good match for EG to prove themselves. They’ll likely have to beat out Coast, Dignitas, or CLG to avoid relegation. Beating CLG now doesn’t mean they’ll beat them once dexter, CLG’s new jungler, arrives, but it certainly puts them in a good position.

Coast vs Dignitas

Both Coast and Dignitas had extremely disappointing showings vs Curse and CLG. whoever loses this match has to start to worry about the danger of relegation.

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