EU LCS W1D3 – Preview

The EU LCS Week 1 closes out tomorrow with more exciting games:

SK Gaming vs SUPA HOT CREW – SK Gaming

SK Gaming managed to eke out a victory earlier today in a nailbiter vs the Copenhagen Wolves, but barely going even isn’t going to be enough to cut it, in the long run. Then again, SHCs only victory thus far is against Alliance, the so-far disappointing (and victory-less) EG Frankenstein team. if SHC loses this game, it’s probably a sign that they really don’t belong here (they only made it to the LCS after Lemondogs failed to field a roster in time and was dropped). On the other hand, if SK Gaming loses, it doesn’t speak well to their abilities either. My money’s on SK Gaming; I think their win against Copenhagen Wolves gave them some much needed momentum.

Millenium vs Fnatic – Fnatic

It’s not very meaningful to talk about Undefeated teams when Fnatic is around, so instead, let’s talk about UnFnatic’d teams: teams who have won all of their games except against Fnatic. Millenium has already lost to the other two UnFnatic’d teams: ROCCAT and Gambit Gaming, so it’s hard to see them faring well against Fnatic.

ROCCAT vs Copenhagen Wolves – ROCCAT

I’ve got to to go with my Dark Horse in this game. Let’s go birdcats!

Gambit Gaming vs SUPA HOT CREW – Gambit Gaming

Gambit Gaming has only lost to the undefeated Fnatic thus far, and has had very strong teamfights in the mid-game. SUPA HOT CREW may have beaten Alliance, but Gambit Gaming got their start beating Wickd and Froggen.

Alliance vs ROCCAT – ROCCAT

ROCCAT was my dark horse pick, so of course I want to see them win here. If they do, it’ll prove that they can continue to win the “easy” games, if a team with 2 members of the Season 2-dominant EG can ever count as an “easy” opponent. But for now, Alliance seems to have no answers for anybody. If they find their answers against ROCCAT, it make be a sign that the hype train is nothing but.

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