EU LCS W1D2 – Review

The games today were a bit more exciting than I’d expected, with an upset and a nailbiter win!

Supa Hot Crew vs Alliance

I said in my Power Rankings that I found Alliance overrated, but I didn’t really understand how much. If they don’t get their act together, this may just be the death knell for the old vanguard of inevitability, EG’s Froggen and Wickd.

Fnatic vs SK Gaming

Fnatic picking up a win here isn’t really a surprise to anybody. Look to see them lose maybe 1 game per opponent team the whole split.

Millenium vs Gambit Gaming

Millenium showed signs of something in this game, but Gambit Gaming is so strong in teamfights, and managed to close out.

Copenhagen Wolves vs SK Gaming

Copenhagen Wolves had pushed in 2 of SK Gaming’s inhibitors, but SK Gaming was able to make the play they needed for the win.

ROCCAT vs Millenium

The win for ROCCAT still isn’t that meaningful. Fnatic and Gambit Gaming are still the teams to beat. However, they’ve already beaten out Millenium and SHC, so if they can secure a win against Copenhagen Wolves or SK Gaming, they look like a strong contender for that #3 slot.

C9EU vs HB

C9 EU looks beastly right now, outplaying HB for their early red buff and winning every lane significantly and securing the first dragon. HB picked up first blood, but C9 was still able to pick up a kill in that 2v3. They later picked up the second dragon on respawn, and even when K0u and Voidle got caught right after, they picked up a kill for nothing.

They stuttered for a bit, but immediately came back with a strong dragon contest, netting them dragon and several kills. HB tried to rotate top to make a play, after they killed Mundo and pushed down top tower, Lucian took the bot inner tower, J4 and Thresh chased down the stragglers from top, getting a kill and the inner tower, and Riven took down the mid inner tower with a little help, pulling out to a 9k gold lead.

For 15 minutes, C9 lost control of the game, feeling like they were going to throw it as they tried baron after baron. But when it came down to the teamfight HB seemed like they wanted, C9 picked up the clean ace and pushed for the win.

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