EU LCS W1D2 – Preview

Today, we have 5 games from the EU LCS, and a bonus game from the EU Challenger Series:

SHC vs Alliance — Alliance

I would like to see Alliance pick up this win. They have the talent to compete in this split, if they can figure their synergy out. If they can’t pull off this win, it’s not a good sign for them after ROCCAT was able to beat SHC.

Fnatic vs SK Gaming — Fnatic

Fnatic should just win this. Obviously, Fnatic is going to drop some games, but if they bring their A-game, they are just too consistent.

Millenium vs Gambit Gaming — Gambit Gaming

Millenium started 1-0, but nobody’s expecting them to beat Gambit Gaming. If they do, they’d obviously prove themselves as a reinvigorated ATN.

Copenhagen Wolves vs SK Gaming — Copenhagen Wolves

Copenhagen Wolves should win this game: if they do, it really starts to cement their chances at fighting for the #3 spot, and should make them feel pretty safe about avoiding relegation.

ROCCAT vs Millenium — ROCCAT

ROCCAT, being a new team, needs to prove themselves by not losing the easy games, and this should — if they want to be a top-3 team — be an easy game.

The same sort of goes for Millenium; they’re both 1-0 coming into this game.

But the stories are different. If Millenium loses, it’s a sign that their time as a relevant team (as the former ATN squad) may be coming to an end. If ROCCAT loses, it may just be that they need some more time to accustom to the high pressure of LCS games. This game is make-or-break for Millenium; it’s just another chance for ROCCAT to prove themselves.

I like ROCCAT for the win, though, given their strong performance recently.

Bonus: Challenger Series

I don’t know anything about any of the other teams playing today, but by all accounts, Cloud9 EU is the team to watch. I’ll be tuning in just to see k0u; if the hype is true, both Cloud9 squads are led by extremely high-caliber junglers.

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