EU LCS W1D1 – Review

The first day of Super Week in the EU LCS was largely unexciting, with hugely snowballing games on all sides.

What does each game mean?

Fnatic vs Gambit

Fnatic is top dog in Europe right now, and there really is no question. Gambit Gaming may have the better fan base and polling, but Fnatic has grace under pressure. No surprises here.

Copenhagen Wolves vs Alliance

Copenhagen Wolves pleasantly surprised me here. I’ve been hoping to see Roccat and Copenhagen Wolves over Alliance, and CW got off to a good start. From their play today, they do seem like a strong contender for third place.

Supa Hot Crew vs ROCCAT

I’m glad to see ROCCAT win, but they need to prove themselves against other teams first.

Alliance vs Fnatic

Again, no surprises here. Alliance may have the talent, but they don’t have the synergy or experience to take down Fnatic. Even had they won the one game, I’d expect Fnatic to have beaten them overall. When I projected that Alliance might have had a chance to displace them, I really meant Gambit Gaming. After today, I’m mostly seeing them at 5th place, unless Millenium, SK Gaming, or SUPA HOT CREW makes them fight to stay out of relegation.

Gambit Gaming vs Copenhagen Wolves

Copenhagen Wolves were one of 3 teams I thought may stand a chance of unseating Gambit Gaming from 2nd place. They played well today, but not well enough. I look to see them clean up 3rd or 4th place this season.

SK Gaming vs Millenium

It’s hard to say much from this game, as we’re really talking about the likely 6th and 7th place finishers for this split, but it seems that the changes to SK Gaming haven’t done much, as even Millenium was able to do quite well against them. Either Millenium has shaped up over the off-season, or SK hasn’t managed to do much to improve.

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