New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions. I try to make each day as meaningful as any other. But I’ve noticed recent changes in my life that have been deleterious to my progress and personality core that I want to correct. So despite the fact that that any arbitrary day is just as good as any other, here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Stop blaming.
      It used to be what I was known for, but between website/Kickstarter work and other time sinks, I lost a lot of playtime and skill, and have found it difficult to climb. Some of this is definitely due to a worse attitude.
  2. Reclaim D1 and achieve ‘Best Skarner NA’ status again.
  3. Play at least 5 champions at the low-D1 level — probably Vi, Olaf, Nocturne, Fiddlesticks, Zac
  4. Stream even when not comfortable with current play. I have a tendency to not stream recently because my skill level has dropped. But if people watched my stream just for skill level, they’d be on a pro player’s stream.
  5. Get Funk Overload (or another 5s team) to D1.
  6. Devote more time to coaching (details here).
  7. More videos to go with articles; not everybody wants to read all of the time.
  8. Find a casting partner and cast more games.
  9. Less time getting distracted on the internet. Reddit and Facebook don’t need me.
  10. More work on my creative content website.


Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman is a big time nerd-gamer who has been involved in both SC2 and LoL. He has ranked as high as Diamond 1 in solo queue and Diamond 3 in arranged 5s.

You can see his other work here:

Facebook Page


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