Season 4 Jungle Masteries


Feast: + 2 Health and + 1 mana per unit kill

It’s about 20 health and 10 mana per minute in lane, and about the same in the jungle. Not super exciting. It’s basically a biscuit every 4 minutes. But here’s a look at why it’s pretty bad. If your sustain already keeps you going, 20 health and 10 mana isn’t going to make a difference.

Fury: + 1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5% Attack Speed for 4 points. Cool. 25% buff from its current numbers

Sorcery: + 1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5% CDR for 4 points. Cool. 25% buff from its current numbers.

Butcher: + 2 damage to minions/monsters. Cool.

Double Edge Sword: + 2% damage dealt and + 1% damage taken if melee, otherwise + 1.5% damage dealt and taken.

This point may seem like shit, but consider how much time you spend doing damage without taking it. Split-pushing. Farming. Being ranged.

Brute Force: + 4/8/12 AD at level 18.

33% buff from its current numbers.

Mental Force: + 6/12/18 AP at level 18.

33% buff from its current numbers.

Spell/Blade Weaving: Spell damage increases auto-attack damage by 1% stacking up to 3 times, and vice versa.

Are you Jax?

Martial Mastery: + 5 AD.

That’s a lot of AD.

Arcane Mastery: + 8 AP.

That’s a lot of AP.

Executioner: increases damage dealt to targets below 20/35/50% health by 5%.

Dangerous Game: Restores 5% of Health/Mana on kill

Probably good on assassins, who like Executioner as well.

Warlord: Increases bonus AD by 2%/3.5%/5%.

Archmage: Increases AP by 2%/3.5%/5%.

Frenzy: Crit = + 5% AS, but stacks up to 3 times and last 3 seconds.

Essentially, one lucky crit won’t help as much anymore, but lots of crit will help more.

Devastating Strikes: + 2%/4%/6% Armor/Magic Pen.

This is a nerf, but there are also alleged Penetration changes in the work, so who knows what this will mean. Essentially, Riot sounds like they want to make flat pen kill squishies, while % Pen only kills tanks. As such, I think they’re nerfing % Pen so you have to really itemize to kill tanks.

Arcane Blade: 5% of AP on-hit.

Captain Teemo, on duty!

Havoc: 3% Increased Damage


Block: Reduces incoming champion attack damage by 1/2

Unyielding: Reduces incoming champion damage by 2 if melee, 1 if ranged.

Recovery: +1/+2 Heath Regen/5 seconds.

12 health per minute? That’s worse than Feast, although you don’t have to constantly kill minions to benefit from it.

Enchanted Armor: + 2.5%/+5% Bonus Armor/MR

Unlikely to be valuable unless you’re buying a good deal of Armor/MR. After all, Legendary Armor never caught on this season. But this is at a much lower point level, and has barely any good competition on non-junglers. I could see it being an ok pick on laners, since they won’t want Tough Skin.

Tough Skin: Reduced jungle damage by 1/by 2.

Bladed Armor: Returns 1% of current health in damage to jungle monsters that attack you.

Being % Current Health, this will no longer steal buffs! I still consider it weak.

Veteran Scars: + 12/24/36 Health

Don’t compare this to the old Veteran’s Scars; it falls short, but it stands up better against Durability; it gives about a third of the health at level 18, but is better until level 6 (this is the cutoff point Riot is trying to set for a lot of their flat vs per level runes)

Juggernat: + 3% Max Health

Old Juggernaut gave you 4% of your Max health with 3 points; now you get 3% with 1 point! Talk about a buff.

Oppression: 3% DR vs CC’d targets

Hardiness/Resistance: 2/3.5/5 Armor/MR

The same masteries you know and live, but higher up in the tree

Perseverance: +1/2/3% of your missing health every 5 seconds.

How strong is this? Well, if you have 500 health (level 1) and are at half health (250), you will get 2.5 Health per 5. That’s 25% more health regen than Feast gives you, and 150% more health than Recovery gives. As your health goes up, it only gets stronger. It’s stronger than Mundo’s passive whenever you’re below 70% health (and when you’re above 70% health, are you in dire need of Regen?)

Second Wind: +10% Healing when below 25% health

I could see this being cool if you have lots of lifesteal or healers on your team. But it’s definitely situational unless you’re Aatrox.

Swiftness: reduces slows by 10%

Only costing 1 point instead of 2 is definitely a buff, but the problem is that if you’re getting slowed, reducing the amount of the slow probably isn’t going to do much for you.

Reinforced Armor: Reduces incoming crit damage by 10%

Are you against an Ezreal? Probably less good than if you’re against a Tristana. I just feel like this is such a late game mastery that it won’t catch on. But I could be wrong.

Evasion: Reduced AoE damage by 4%.

I think this is pretty decent. Mages rarely focus tanks, so most of the magic damage you take is AoE.

Legendary Guardian: + 1 Armor and + .5 MR per nearby champion.

1 point of this gives you 5 Armor and 2.5 MR in teamfights. That’s 3 points in Hardiness and 1.5 points in resistance.

In a 1v1, it’s only worth 1 Armor and .5 MR, for about 1 point in Hardiness/Resistance.

So the 1 point mastery is worth in between 1 point and 4.5 points in masteries. I’ll take it.

4 points of this gives you a whopping 20 Armor and 10 MR in teamfights, for 18 mastery points worth of resistances. And let’s not forget the extra 1 point of Armor and half point of MR from Enchanted Armor 😀

Runic Shield: 50 HP shield that regens on respawn

This point is straight up terrible.

Tenacity: 15% CC Reduction

Much better as a one-point wonder than a 3-point drain


Phasewalker: Faster Recall. *snore*

Fleet of Foot: + .5%/1%/1.5% Movement Speed.

I’m sad to lose the 3% Movement Speed from Utility, but this is much more readily available.

Meditation: +1/2/3 Mana Regen per 5 seconds

You either like Mana Regen or you don’t

Scout: Longer cast range on wards.

This is way better than longer sight range on wards. It makes warding brushes a lot safer.

Conjurer: traps and other conjured units last 10% longer

Teemo and Shaco and Nidalee just got 10% more annoying

Summoner’s Insight: 4/7/10% Summoner Spell CDR

Good before, good now!

Strength of Spirit: 10% of Mana Regen -> Health Regen

Do you stack Mana Regen?

Alchemist: 10% longer potions/elixirs

Uh…cool. Because when I want to all-in people with Fort Pots, I definitely run 9 in Utility.

Biscuiteer: 20 health and 10 mana per potion

If you buy more than 1 ward per minute, this beats out Feast!

Greed: GP5

Wealth: Gold

Runic Affinity: Increased Buff Duration

Are you a jungler/mid? Cool!

Vampirism: +1/2/3% Lifesteal/Spell Vamp

This is alright enough, but getting 3 points means sacrificing damage elsewhere, and if your damage is low, your lifesteal/spell vamp will be too.

Bandit: + 15 gold on Kill/Assist?

This Mastery is for supports.

Scavenger: + 1 gold per nearby minion death

Just No

Expanded Mind: + 2% Max Mana

Are you Singed? 2% of 1000 Mana is 20 Mana, so I don’t see this as that exciting…

Inspiration: + 5 XP every 10 seconds when near a higher level champion.

Unless you intend on just living in solo lanes….

Intelligence: + 2/4/6% CDR and + 4/8/12% Activated Item CDR.

A nice buff to add activated items to this.

Wanderer: + 5% Movement Speed out of combat.

This is a lot of Movement Speed at the start of your ganks. It probably won’t be that useful while clearing, because minions count as combat.

Tree Strength


9 points in Offense never felt so good. Junglers didn’t get much out of 9 points in offense; AD/lvl didn’t kick in until carries had too much damage, and % Pen didn’t do much to increase your damage. As a result, you either invested the whole 21 points to get the early game boosts to damage or you picked up AD/lvl and % Pen and didn’t really help your early game damage at all. 21 points in offense will really only pay off now if you pick up pure offensive items, something that has been dangerous in the past in the jungle. Maybe the new gold will change this.


Defense now has a lot of scaling strength in the top of the tree, with its flat strength coming at points 9+. This may seem paradoxical, but the nerf to the early tankiness available is a buff to bruisers. In Season 3, everybody put 9 points in defense, so bruisers and tanks weren’t really special early game in tankiness. Their benefits were LATE game tankiness, which often didn’t really set in until they had been out-scaled by carries. Now, champions who invest in defensive masteries will actually be significantly tankier than other champions early game.


Utility is basically the same, but loses the XP, while gaining more accessible Movement Speed. What does this mean? It means getting INTO a gank will be a bit easier. Getting around the map will be easier. Sticking on a target will be a bit harder, but not noticeably.


0/21/9 got a small buff; your early game Movement Speed in combat is up.

9/21/0 got a huge buff; your early game strength will be great compared with that of 21/9/0 carries.

9/9/9 now has two viable endings: 9/9/12 (for Lifesteal) or 9/12/9 (for Armor). I look to see these page be very strong.

0/9/21 is still strong, but doesn’t get you an early 6. However, it gives you 5 biscuits, a TON of Movement Speed, and even extra gold early game, and sacrifices tankiness. I think this style is weaker now, but not by much. The lower Smite CD will also alleviate that.

21/9/0 does seem weaker to me, objectively. I’m not sure much can be done about that.

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