5 Jungle Mastery Trees in 5 Minutes!

Gentleman Gustaf here to talk about jungle masteries. First, I want to discuss what the masteries are, and then match up pages to champions.

It’s important to divide masteries into 0-9 and 10-21. Why? Because given 30 points, if you put 21 points into 1 mastery tree (to get the ultimate point), you have 9 points left.



  • 0-9: Late game damage scaling, with AP/AD per level and % Pen. Get these on junglers with strong
    • Magical or Physical depending on damage type of champion
    • CDR is often the best choice even on AD champs like Jarvan (who aren’t AS gated)
  • 10-21: Early game flat damage, with flat AD/AP and Flat Pen.
    • Magical or Physical depending on damage type of champion.


  • 0-9: Early game tankiness, with flat Armor/MR/Health and Minion Tankiness.
  • 10-21: Late game tankiness, with % Health/Resistances/DR.
    • Tenacity on bruisers, otherwise pure tankiness.


  • 0-9: Early game control, with mana regen or Movement Speed, Summoner Spell CDR, and Buff control
    • Mana Regen if needed (Amumu and other mana hungry champs), otherwise Movement Speed
  • 10-21: Accelerated midgame, with a faster 6, early CDR, jungle protection (ward) and sustain.
    • Don’t get the ward if you don’t fear invades from the enemy jungler.


0/21/9 – Cho, Nautilus, Sejuani, Amumu

This page is for jungle tanks, who want tankiness but need movement speed and mana over extra damage.

9/21/0 – Vi, Zac, Volibear

This page is for jungle bruisers, who want tankiness and added damage. As well, they can take “Tenacious” so that their damage won’t be interrupted as much by CC.

21/9/0 – Lee Sin, Jarvan, Aatrox

This page is for early aggressive junglers, who want flat damage to boost the strength of their invades, ganks, and dives.

0/9/21 – Skarner, Nasus, Nocturne, Udyr

This page is for junglers who have enough early game strength to survive without 21 in tankiness, not enough to go aggressive with 21 in offense, and strong enough ultimates to make an early level 6 extremely worthwhile. Udyr may not have the ultimate, but his early game is hardly weakened by 0/9/21, and he will still benefit from early levels and stats like CDR, Lifesteal/Spell Vamp, and Movement Speed

9/9/12 – Situational.

I hope you learned something from this! I’ll be trimming down and cleaning up all of my video content in the future, so this is just the start!

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