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Gentleman Gustaf is an independent writer with both creative and analytical experience. He has an extensive history of consistently producing attractive content, encouraging reader interaction, and promoting growth of his fan base through both content quality and social media. He is known for active, direct engagement with readers and openness to critique.

“Gentleman Gustaf is an exemplary employee who is a breeze to work with and consistently seeks to better himself. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to join my company.”




Riot Games

Web Content Live Coordinator, LoLeSports

July 2014-Present

Writes, produces, and publishes content to support broadcasts.

Participates in special projects including feature writing and asset creation.

Works with SWCCOps to launch tournaments and implement schedule changes.

Watches and activates broadcast streams; manages Client takeovers.

Uploads post-game results to and VODs to and Roku.

Maintains team and player profiles, photos, and other data.

QAs site content, with an eye towards spotting inaccuracies and bugs, as well as suggesting site enhancements.

eSports Writer, LoLeSports

February 2014-Present

Manages and produces the Breaking the Meta series

Breaking The Meta – Jarvan IV Top

Breaking the Meta – Sejuani Mid

Contributes consistently to champion and strategy features

Stand Behind me! Braum in the LCS

Rocket in Your Pocket – Tristana in the LCS

Destined for a Twist of Fate – Twisted Fate in the LCS

Feral Junglers Flare up in LCS Playoffs

The Giants of Top Lane

Jax Attacks – Jax in the LCS

Life Without Doran’s Shield

Don’t Make the Yeti Angry – Nunu in the LCS

If You’re Buying, I’m In! – Gragas in the LCS

Suit Up – The Elastic Potential of Zac

Covers high-level play in all professional and semi-professional arenas, but with a focus on NA and EU.

TSM’s Evolving Champ Select

Most Impactful Champions of Worlds 2014

2014 World Championship Group Stage Infographic

 NA Regional Survival Guide

Dark Passage’s First Trip to the World Championship

Who is the Best Team in North America?

Cloud9: Quest to Be the Best

From EU to NA – The Amazing Transatlantic Jungler

International Wildcard Regional Survival Guide

Article Writer, Reign of Gaming

July 2012-February 2014

Contributor and Co-Founder, Fistful of Wits

​April 2013 – present

Co-founded a blog dedicated to a combination of creative content and media analysis.

Writes primarily about game design, with a focus on accesibility and strategic depth.

Writes fiction with a focus on fantasy and science-fiction, with a specific interest in the lower fantasy genres, like steampunk fantasy, cyberpunk, and urban fantasy.

Enjoys re-envisioning tropes to promote inclusivity and foster literary innovation

Team Captain/Jungler, Gentleman Gaming/Funk Overload

July 2010 – Present

Gentleman Gaming started as a casual team among friends, but as some of the team members fell away from League of Legends while the others climbed the ladder, the team eventually disbanded due to irreconcilable differences. It would later reform as Funk Overload, with old Gentleman members Dünkmaster, wuigi, and Gentleman Gustaf retaining their spots. They were soon joined by Triforce GG at support and Giygas Reborn at AD. When wuigi was picked up by another team, he was replaced by banjo nuts. Wuigi would later rejoin the team as coach and general sub. The team disbanded due to real-life commitments and a computer crash, but hopes to be back for 2015, with Gentleman Gustaf, Dunkmaster returning with their tried-and-true positions Wuigi returning as an ADC, and TheSandyOne joining at support.



Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Reed College

September 2007 – May 2011

Analytical and empirical studies of the inherent structure of language, with a long-term focus on the interaction between the semantic content (meaning) of words and phrases and their syntactic form (structure).

Largely focused on English, but relied on significant appeal to the structure of other languages to justify the universality of linguistic claims presented.

Senior Thesis: The Semantic Underpinnings of Syntactic Subcategorization: A Lexically Decompositional Approach to Distinguishing Classes of Ambitransitives

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